Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Rare Sight

It is a rare sight to see my hobby room clean however it does happen.  I spent the past few days just cleaning up and hiding more stuff in the closet.  I also set up my Xbox in my hobby room after much debt between my wife and I.  She got tired of seeing all my stuff being left out in the living room and I got tired hauling my guitar equipment from my hobby room to the living room.  So now it is all in one room, TV is not as big but it works. 

I really didn't get rid of much.  I did have to say goodbye to my magazine collection.  I have been holding on to them for so long however I never go back and look at them.  So off to the used book store for store credit.  I did come to a realization while cleaning my room, I have too much stuff and I need to thin out my collection.  The dresser is packed full of stuff still in its original packaging.  My closet is also packed with painted armies, unpainted armies and more stuff still new in the box.  I need to cut the cord on my GW stuff.  I don't play their games anymore and to be honest do think I will ever play them again.  I know, Never Say Never, however they are out of my price rang for little plastic toys.  At the moment I am content with how things are packed away however once I get some more stuff I am afraid my house of cards will come tumbling down. 

So many cool models and games to build and play so little space to keep them all. 


Drunken Samurai said...

Dude! Is that a Rickenbacker 4001 I see on the wall? When did you get that one?

Hey, let me know before you divest all your GW stuff. I have interest in some Ork items I know you have.

Da Green Skins said...

I picked that up over a year ago. It is a fun guitar to play.

Shoot me a list of stuff you want and we will work out a price on it. I would trade you but I need to get rid of stuff and not just gather up more.

John said...

hey Nubby happy b-day to you sorry I missed it! Mine just passed on Friday the 21st.

Hope all is well, D is playing that DC card game and showed me how to play it was fun...waiting for my local game store to get it back in stock.


Da Green Skins said...

Back at you slacker, sounds like your trip was successful and you had a safe journey. DC is a great game so is the Lord or the Ring card game. Same game just some new rules that add more flavor.

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