Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Call To Arms: Star Fleet

Well some time has passed since talking about the new Star Trek movie and playing A Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  I have been painting my Klingon's and playing the game.  I have finished most of the squad box and yesterday picked up three more blisters of models.

So far I am liking the game.  I have only played small point games to learn the mechanics.  Now that I understand how the game is played I am planning on playing larger point games.  If you look at my bases you might notice some different color lines on them.  These lines are to indicate the different firing arcs.  I decided to jazz up my bases by using some plastic card stock to create a 3D look to my lines.  I like the way they turned out.  

Now back to painting some more models.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Rare Sight

It is a rare sight to see my hobby room clean however it does happen.  I spent the past few days just cleaning up and hiding more stuff in the closet.  I also set up my Xbox in my hobby room after much debt between my wife and I.  She got tired of seeing all my stuff being left out in the living room and I got tired hauling my guitar equipment from my hobby room to the living room.  So now it is all in one room, TV is not as big but it works. 

I really didn't get rid of much.  I did have to say goodbye to my magazine collection.  I have been holding on to them for so long however I never go back and look at them.  So off to the used book store for store credit.  I did come to a realization while cleaning my room, I have too much stuff and I need to thin out my collection.  The dresser is packed full of stuff still in its original packaging.  My closet is also packed with painted armies, unpainted armies and more stuff still new in the box.  I need to cut the cord on my GW stuff.  I don't play their games anymore and to be honest do think I will ever play them again.  I know, Never Say Never, however they are out of my price rang for little plastic toys.  At the moment I am content with how things are packed away however once I get some more stuff I am afraid my house of cards will come tumbling down. 

So many cool models and games to build and play so little space to keep them all. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Bolt Action

So last month was a crazy great month for me.  My birthday gaming weekend was fantastic.  The weekend started out playing at the shop with my buddies Jim and Nuke Mike.  We played Wings of Glory and had a lot of fun.  We must have played 4-5 games and I picked up a few new planes for my collection.

Then on Saturday I was at Jerry's house.  We played a lot of cards games like Warhammer Invasion and DC Deck Building.  Then Jerry taught me how to play X-wing.  I really have a great time gaming with Jerry because we both like card games and miniature gaming.  He turned me on to a few new games, Armour Clash and the Lord of the Rings deck building game. 

Then Sunday I took part in a grand Black Powder game.  We played on a 6X12 table and had over 700 painted miniatures to push around.  Check up the write ups on my friends blogs.

Cursed Treasures

Drunken Samurai

Ponatowski's Legions

Then later in the week my wife and I went out to watch the new Star Trek movie.  It was a good movie and after watching it I was inspired to start playing Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  So on Friday I picked up the Klingon squad box. 

That is a recap of the events of my gaming weekend and I wanted to thank all my friends for helping me celebrate my 43rd birthday, YOU GUYS ROCK.

I did mange to get some painting in during the month of playing my guitar and playing games. 

Six man Squad of infantry men

 Mortar team

30 Cal machine gun team