Friday, March 29, 2013

Bolt Action: Third 250 Points

This month went by fast and I didn't get much painted.  The weather is really nice right now and I spent time outside having fun.  I did get my monthly painting done for the challenge and we only have one more month to go.  It is going to be really hard to meet Aprils deadline. 

So what did I paint this month, nothing but command and specialty units.  I wanted my command to stand out so I picked up a command blister.  I painted my commander with two support guys.  That blister also gave me a medic so I painted him up also with one support guy.  I will be painting up the last model in that blister for next month.  I might us him for a forward observer.  While I finished those two units I ran out of M1 Grands.  I still had a lot of models left over and didn't want them all to go to waste.  So I put together another bazooka team and a sniper team.  That gave me over 250 points and also gives me some different build options for my army list. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kickstarter: Arena Rex

I have never taken part with anything on Kickstarter.  I know that this is a great way to get games and miniatures out on the market for us all to enjoy.  It has just been hard for me to get excited by yet another new miniatures game and more models to collect.  Nothing has captured my excitement like Lord of the Rings did.  I have invested in many games, rules and miniatures just to find disappointment.  Then I saw Arena Rex on Kickstarter and I gave them my support.

I will admit, I have always liked Arena style combat games.  It started with Avalon Hills Gladiator game, then Anachronism (I still have all my cards) but I never could find a good set of miniatures rules.  Then not that long ago GW put out a set of Gladiator rules and I jumped all over them.  As quickly as the game came out GW closed their historical line,  big thanks GW.  With the rules no longer being on the market it makes it hard to get people to play.

I am excited about Arena Rex and hope it will finally fill the void in my gaming life.  One thing I like about this Kickstarter campaign is that if you back the game at the Ludus level (which I did) you will get a PDF copy of the rules this summer.  I will get a chance to play the game and give feedback.  I felt it was a great move on the publisher to do this, it is more of a buy in for the backers.  If you are interested in this game check out this link: Arena Rex