Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bolt Action: Painting Challenge Scond 250 Points

Its the end of the month and I kinda finished my second installment of Bolt Action models.  I say "kinda" because two of the models still need to dry before applying the dull coat. 

With that said, this months installment included a 12 man stick with a decked out M3 Half Track.  The unit has one BAR and the Squad Leader has a Thompson Typewriter. 

These models do require some skills to assemble and pose.  Warlord sells them as muli-part models which simply means you have a lot of parts to put together.  The models do have limited poses and not a lot of arm options for the M1.  So I had to do some creative modeling to use the different arms for the M1.     

The gaps between the arms was bugging me and having to reshape the torso using the different arms.  Then I remembered that GW put out Liquid Green Stuff because of the problems they had with Fine Cast.  So I picked up a bottle and I must say it is good stuff.  I was able to fill in the gaps on the arms and make the models look better.

I really need to take a small break from painting this army.  I was going to paint up a few Brits for Napoleonic army.  I just need some color in my life ever once and while.    



Jerry said...

Looks good, Mike! I thought you weren't going to make it. Tomorrow I resume the colorless life of military paint schemes. Only 500 points to go, though. I share your pain.

Drunken Samurai said...

Nice looking collection. Just about time to get some games in.

Allan and Carmen said...

Very nice work!

I am so slack. I have all the books, the dice and bugger all assembled and painted - lol

Keep up the great work :)

Happy Gaming,


Simon Q said...

Nice job they look really good. Reminds me I must get some liquid gs.

Da Green Skins said...

Thanks for the comments guys.