Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bolt Action: Painting Challenge 2013 First 250 Points

That title says a lot

On January 1, 2013 I started painting up my American Bolt Action Army.  I am taking part in a painting challenge and each month I have to complete 250 points.  Below are pictures of my first 250 points. 

The Sherman tank I picked up in a trade.  It was a total mess when I got it.  The person that built it just glued the tracks on and slathered paint all over it.  I had to strip the paint and remove the tracks.  The tracks were not straight and the hull sat too high.  So I had to square up the tracks and remove material so the tracks fit better.  It was a lot of work but I like the way it turned out.  The bazooka team came from Warlord and they are plastic miniatures.  They take some time to get built properly but once they are built the paint up easily.

I was going to post up my list today however I decided against that.  My list was going to be a mobile infantry list.  So I was going to put two infantry squads in M3 Half Tracks and my HQ in a jeep.  Looking at the new army book I am not sure if I can use a jeep as a transport.  The rules state one transport vehicle per infantry squad.  My HQ selection is not an infantry squad so I don't think I can take a jeep to transport my HQ.  I know I really don't need to put my HQ in a jeep however it was just going to add flavor to my list.  So I am going to rethink my army list and when I figure out what I am going to do I will let you know.      

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Makes A Great Game

The other night my buddy Tim and I were talking about gaming while driving to a local game shop.  Our conversation focused on the experience of gaming rather then the games.  It left me with the following thoughts about "What makes a great game?"

So I am breaking gaming down into three categories:

A Game: I see a lot of games taking place at the local game shop.  This is two people pushing unpainted models around the table with some terrain.  It is basically the board game experience of miniature gaming.  I have played plenty of games like this and still play them today.  I have been striving to change this however I play a lot of different games and don't have the time to paint them all.  I am doing better getting my armies painted and have actually put some games off until I can get my armies painted. 

A Good Game:  This is a step up in which the models are painted or in transition of getting painted and the table has a fair amount of terrain.  This makes the experience of gaming more enjoyable and makes for an attractive table top game. 

A Great Game: This is the pinnacle of gaming.  Nicely painted models and the table is filled with nice terrain.  This is the kind of game that gets people to stop and watch your game and even take pictures.  I have played games like this with friends and this is a Great Gaming Experience.  For me this is my goal and should be the goal of all gamers. 

Now some game rules create problems for keeping a Great Game Great.  I am currently painting an army for Bolt Action.  One of the rules for this game is giving units fatigue markers when shot at and wounds.  I have seen people use dice, beads and all kinds of items as markers in games.  I decided since my goal was to play Great Games I wanted custom fatigue markers for Bolt Action.  I am using the extra bits and pieces from my Infantry box to make my fatigue makers.  I put a different number of items on each base to represent the number of fatigue markers.  So with the three bases I made I have a total of 6 fatigue markers.  These are going to be used for my Bazooka Team.