Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Report

Another lost year of gaming in 2013.  For the past few years I have been trying to find I game that is fun to play and that I enjoy playing.  I played a lot of different rule systems this year and many of them just fell flat for one reason or another. 

So what did I do in 2013.  I painted two forces for different games.  One for Bolt Action and one for A Call to Arms.  I had high hopes for both games and both fell flat.  So not being happy with games being sold at the local shops I started looking at Kickstarter.  I backed two games that were scheduled to be released in December and both were pushed back.  So I don't plan to see Arena Rex or Robotech till April 2014.  I was introduced to Genesha Games and really liked their rule systems.  They released a new set of rules call Samurai Robots and it was perfect for Gundam models.  Converted and Painted up a model to play it once and it was shot down.  I didn't even bother posting pictures of my model because I was not going to be playing it.  So getting frustrated I picked up a bass guitar project and spent a few months working on it.  I needed that break from painting and it gave me time to rethink my gaming life.  It just was not an exciting gaming year for me so lets see if 2014 is any better. 

What is on the horizon for 2014. 

  • I have already started painting up my British Napoleonic and will continue working on them.  It is rumored that a big Black Powder game will be taking place in October and I am committed to paint a block of 24 models.
  • I should see both my Kickstarters delivered this year and hope the rules are worth a damn.  So far I have only seen play test rules and not that impressed.
  • More card games with my buddy Jerry because I enjoy playing card games with him.
  • I am going to continue painting my French force for Flames of War.  My buddy and I are going to be using the Gaslight rule system for WW2.  
  • Something new this year will be a model train board.  My wife has asked me to put together a Christmas train scene for our home.  I picked up an N scale Bachmann train set and a ranch house.  Throughout the year I will be chipping away on this project and it should be done by next December.  (Thanks for the advice on this Tim) 
  • I will continue to work on my other blog page talking about Rocksmith and Bandfuse.  Not really table top gaming but still gaming.  If you are interested it is intuneeadg
  • I am going to attend one Gamers Garage Sale and clear out a lot of my models and gaming stuff that I am not using.
  • I have a friend that is developing a game and will continue to assist him with play testing and all that good stuff.  It is a fun card game and I will post information as it becomes available. 
To be honest 2014 will be another year looking for a game that I can play on a regular basis.  I have some friends that I get to play with a few times a year and we have games that we play and enjoy.  I play with other friends regularly at the games shop on Fridays.  We just can't seem to find a set of rules that fit our gaming taste.  I hope this is the year I find that game I can get behind, support and really enjoy playing.

Have a great New Year      

Thursday, December 19, 2013

British Invasion

It has been four months since I posted anything about gaming.  I still have been gaming and pushing models around on the table just not painting.  I decided to start painting my British Napoleonic figures again for the holidays.  Last year I painted 4 model and worked out my color pallet and didn't write that information down.  So I had to start all over again and this time I wrote it down. 

This project is going to see a lot of activity next year.  It is rumored that their will be a big Black Powder Napoleonic game taking place in 2014.  I have been asked to get at least a unit of 24 British painted.  So here is the 5th model that will be added to my collection.  All of his chaps will be joining him over the next few months.

I changed two colors from last year.  I went with a lighter green so you could identify the unit designation.  I also went with a lighter color of grey on the paints.  You can see the difference is the photo below.

What do you think?   

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm Kind-of-Back

It has been over two months since my last post and I felt it was time to show everyone what I have been working on.  It is not a miniature however required a lot of my skills as a painter to get it done.

So let me start by letting everyone know that I play bass guitar and have for many years.  One thing I always wanted to do was refinish and rebuild a guitar.  I never really did anything when I was younger because the technology in spray paint was not advance enough and my wallet was not thick enough.  Well times have changed and you can now buy two part epoxy spray primer and my wallet has gotten a bit thicker since High School. 

About two months ago I found a bass guitar on ebay that I could not resist.  It is a 1960's lawsuit bass most likely an Ibanez however I have no way to know for sure.  It was a great deal and in terrible shape.  The back of it has water damage and someone carved Nirvana Forever.  So for the past two months I have been sanding, fixing and painting my new bass guitar.

I am real happy with the way it turned out and just need to put the hardware back on and start playing. 

So now that I got this out of my system I can start working on some miniature models again.  I have a few things on the work bench that I been wanting to get done so it is back to painting miniatures. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gen-Con and Robotech

A week has pasted since the end of Gen-Con 2013 and I didn't go again this year.  It was rumored that the guys from Robotech were going to be selling some limited edition models at the event.  That rumor turned out to be true and my buddy was able to secure two limited edition models for me.  I was in shock and amazed at the size and level to detail in these models.  They make BattleTeck models look like something out of a box of Cracker Jacks.  Enough talking now look at the pictures.

Max Sterling's Valkyrie

I didn't like the stand that came with the model so I reposed it this way.

Miriya's Queadluun-Rau

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Klingons

I have been working on my Klingon fleet in between other projects that are on my work bench.

If you are familiar with this game and have seen the rang of models you might notice one of these models looks different.

That is actually a plastic model from AMT.  It came in a box set of 3 models from their Cadet Series line.  I picked it up to be used as a heavy cruiser and to just have something different on the table top. 

I am happy with how the this fleet turned out and can't wait to get some more games in. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

DreadBall Test Painting

After cleaning the mold lines on a few models I had to decided on a paint scheme.  I have been working with these colors on a different painting project and thought it would look good on this team.  I like the way it turned out and on Friday my buddy Jim and I are going to get our first game in.  Can't wait to learn this rules and get some games in.

Friday, July 5, 2013

DreadBall Kick Off: Not Worth It

Today I walked into the game shop and noticed an end cap was filled with DreadBall.  This has been one of those games I have been looking at and talking about to my friends but never picked it up.  The main reason I never picked it up was the fact that the game shop I play at did not carry it.  Well that all changed this week and the shop owner started carrying the game. 

So he had two Deluxe Starter Box Sets and two Kick Off Box Sets.  I looked them both over to compare what came with each box set and which one provided the best bag for my dollar.  That turned out to be the Deluxe Starter Box Set.  It gives you everything you need to play the game and more. 

The main differences between the two box sets are as follows:

Deluxe Box Set 

DreadBall contains everything you need to get gaming:

  • 1 x 84 Page A4 Full Colour Rulebook
  • 1 x Mounted Game Board
  • 10 x Plastic Corporation Players (4 Strikers, 4 Jacks, 2 Guards)
  • 10 x Plastic Marauder Players (6 Jacks, 4 Guards)
  • 1 x Plastic Referee
  • 2 x Plastic Balls
  • 54 x Game Cards
  • 18 x Dice
  • 13 x Game Counters
  • 24 x Clear Plastic Hex Bases
  • 1 x Roster Pad
  • 1 x Mantic Point
Kick Off Box Set

DreadBall contains everything you need to get gaming:

  • 1 x Full Colour KickOff Rulebook
  • 1 x Full Rules Download
  • 1 x Mounted Game Board
  • 8 x Plastic Corporation Players
  • 8 x Plastic Marauder Players
  • 1 x Plastic Balls
  • 12 x Dice
  • 13 x Game Counters
Now this is when everything went south.  I got distracted in a conversation with the guys at the shop and set the box back on the shelf.  Then we started playing games and just hanging out and before I knew it both the Deluxe Starter Box sets were gone.  So this left me with only one option and that was to buy the Kick Off Box set.  Now the cost difference between the two box sets is $30 and it was understandable with all the additional items you get with the Deluxe Set.  The Kick Off Set states that you will get everything you need to play the game however that is not true.  You will notice that the Kick Off Box Set does not include the plastic bases.  Normally I would not care about the bases because I have thousands of bases collecting dust in my closet and I am sure they will work for this game.  Then I noticed that the models are all on a small round "kinda-of" base that fits in a hole on the bases designed for the game.  So when I got home from the shop I hit the internet to find these bases and I could only find them on the Mantic Games website.  They are not expensive to buy, $5.00 but shipping is $4.50, so $9.50.  Now my $50.00 box set just shot up to $59.50.  So the $30 cost difference just dropped to $20.50 and I still need to download and print the rule book, buy the cards and I got 4 less models, no referee and no roster sheets. 

So when the company states that you get everything to play they game in the Kick Off Box Set you don't.  The hex bases are important to the game mechanics for facing and also so the models can stand up and not fall over so easily.  So buyers beware, don't buy the Kick Off Box Set it is not worth it in any way shape or form, IMO.  Mantic Games decided to save a few dollars by not providing the bases and that means you have to purchase them or make something else work in place of them.  I don't know what to say, just not happy with this purchase.  Never heard of a company being so cheap not to include bases with models.  What a rip off.                

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Call To Arms: Star Fleet

Well some time has passed since talking about the new Star Trek movie and playing A Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  I have been painting my Klingon's and playing the game.  I have finished most of the squad box and yesterday picked up three more blisters of models.

So far I am liking the game.  I have only played small point games to learn the mechanics.  Now that I understand how the game is played I am planning on playing larger point games.  If you look at my bases you might notice some different color lines on them.  These lines are to indicate the different firing arcs.  I decided to jazz up my bases by using some plastic card stock to create a 3D look to my lines.  I like the way they turned out.  

Now back to painting some more models.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Rare Sight

It is a rare sight to see my hobby room clean however it does happen.  I spent the past few days just cleaning up and hiding more stuff in the closet.  I also set up my Xbox in my hobby room after much debt between my wife and I.  She got tired of seeing all my stuff being left out in the living room and I got tired hauling my guitar equipment from my hobby room to the living room.  So now it is all in one room, TV is not as big but it works. 

I really didn't get rid of much.  I did have to say goodbye to my magazine collection.  I have been holding on to them for so long however I never go back and look at them.  So off to the used book store for store credit.  I did come to a realization while cleaning my room, I have too much stuff and I need to thin out my collection.  The dresser is packed full of stuff still in its original packaging.  My closet is also packed with painted armies, unpainted armies and more stuff still new in the box.  I need to cut the cord on my GW stuff.  I don't play their games anymore and to be honest do think I will ever play them again.  I know, Never Say Never, however they are out of my price rang for little plastic toys.  At the moment I am content with how things are packed away however once I get some more stuff I am afraid my house of cards will come tumbling down. 

So many cool models and games to build and play so little space to keep them all. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Bolt Action

So last month was a crazy great month for me.  My birthday gaming weekend was fantastic.  The weekend started out playing at the shop with my buddies Jim and Nuke Mike.  We played Wings of Glory and had a lot of fun.  We must have played 4-5 games and I picked up a few new planes for my collection.

Then on Saturday I was at Jerry's house.  We played a lot of cards games like Warhammer Invasion and DC Deck Building.  Then Jerry taught me how to play X-wing.  I really have a great time gaming with Jerry because we both like card games and miniature gaming.  He turned me on to a few new games, Armour Clash and the Lord of the Rings deck building game. 

Then Sunday I took part in a grand Black Powder game.  We played on a 6X12 table and had over 700 painted miniatures to push around.  Check up the write ups on my friends blogs.

Cursed Treasures

Drunken Samurai

Ponatowski's Legions

Then later in the week my wife and I went out to watch the new Star Trek movie.  It was a good movie and after watching it I was inspired to start playing Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  So on Friday I picked up the Klingon squad box. 

That is a recap of the events of my gaming weekend and I wanted to thank all my friends for helping me celebrate my 43rd birthday, YOU GUYS ROCK.

I did mange to get some painting in during the month of playing my guitar and playing games. 

Six man Squad of infantry men

 Mortar team

30 Cal machine gun team

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's My Birthday This Weekend

So this Saturday is my birthday and I have a weekend of gaming excitement to celebrate my 43rd year on this planet.  Lets start with the big stuff, what did I buy myself for my birthday.  Well I spent $200 on the Robotech Kickstarter, pledging $200 for the Battle Cry level.  I was lucky enough to take part in the play testing of this game and really liked it.  With the success they had running this campaign I am sure this game will be played in many communities.  Since that gift will be delayed I also picked up a new multi effect bass pedal.  I know it has nothing to do with table top gaming but it does help me with my video gaming, I play Rocksmith.  It is very cool and I have been having a lot of fun with it, however it has slowed my painting down to a crawl.

So what are my big birthday plans.  To start I took the weekend off from work.  Tie that it with Monday being a Holiday and I have the next 6 days off, then I go back to work on Tuesday (May 28th) then I have another 3 days off.  Yes I planned that to happen.  I like to maximize my PTO days taking time off around Holidays.  So here is my gaming schedule for the weekend.

Friday, hanging out at the game store all day with my friends playing Bolt Action. 

Saturday, going over to my buddies Jerry's house to play all the cool card games we like.  I enjoy Warhammer Invasion DC Deck Builder.  He also is going to teach me a few new card games.  We are also going to play some Dust Warfare/Tactics.  If time permits we might even break out Command and Colors, Napoleonics.

Sunday, I was invited to take part in a Black Powder event at one of the local game stores.  The day will be spent playing an ACW game.  I am excited about this because I want to learn this set of rules for that day in the far future when I finish painting my Napoleonic army.

Monday, originally I was going to take part in a Bolt Action game.  I decided I am not going to that event.  My wife and I decided to spend the day together for the holiday.  Part of my life people don't know about is my wife works for a local hospital.  Last week our community lost two heroes, a firefighter and a police officer.  Both of these heroes lost their lives in the line of duty at different incidents on different days of the week.  It was a tragic week for everyone in our community.  They were both taken to my wife's place of employment and their lives could not be saved.  So my wife and I decided that on Monday we will just have a somber day at home being thankful to the men and women that serve our country and keep us safe in our communities.  It is just going to be a quite day at home reflecting on others and how they sacrifice everything for our way of life. 

That will be the end of my birthday weekend. 


Monday, April 29, 2013

Bolt Action: Last 250 Points

Last night I finished painting my last installment of Bolt Action. Now I need to find some people that want to play it. I guess the game is lacking something for some members of our small group and they have moved on to other games. Jerry and I talked about getting together and playing a few games so we can form our own opinion about the rules. We haven't set a date because I want to finish painting the rest of collection. I still have about 10 models left over and want them to flush out my force list.  So below are the models I painted this month.

This is my 50 cal team.  I am missing the fourth member, it is drying.  I did make a custom base for the gun and I like the way it turned out.
This is my forward observing team.  I have one of the guys holding a shotgun.  I didn't notice any rules for shotguns but it looks cool and that is all that matters to me.
This is my 30 cal team.  I really like how these guys turned out.
This is a stray BAR guy.  He will be going into my next unit of guys.
Here is my next unit of guys.  I just dipped them last night so they are drying.  Once they are dry I will get the next 6 painted up giving me a full strength unit.

You know I want to be open and honest with something that took place during this challenge.  It appears that our small group has come to a cross roads.  Some things were said and some feelings got hurt over the past few months.  It has caused a divide in the group and I am not sure what the future holds for the group as a whole.  It is interesting how this group came together over one game, Lord of the Rings and has drifted away over one game, Bolt Action.  I know that my blog page is not the place to tell readers about our group dynamics however readers might have noticed some comments or tension within our posts, comments or lack of comments.  Maybe the group just needs time apart to explore different interests and gaming.  We no longer have that one game we all like, Lord of the Rings, and we are all looking for something different in gaming.  I feel that is what has pulled our group apart.  For me I will continue to look for that game I can get excited about and can have fun playing with my group of friends.     

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bolt Action: Third 250 Points

This month went by fast and I didn't get much painted.  The weather is really nice right now and I spent time outside having fun.  I did get my monthly painting done for the challenge and we only have one more month to go.  It is going to be really hard to meet Aprils deadline. 

So what did I paint this month, nothing but command and specialty units.  I wanted my command to stand out so I picked up a command blister.  I painted my commander with two support guys.  That blister also gave me a medic so I painted him up also with one support guy.  I will be painting up the last model in that blister for next month.  I might us him for a forward observer.  While I finished those two units I ran out of M1 Grands.  I still had a lot of models left over and didn't want them all to go to waste.  So I put together another bazooka team and a sniper team.  That gave me over 250 points and also gives me some different build options for my army list. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kickstarter: Arena Rex

I have never taken part with anything on Kickstarter.  I know that this is a great way to get games and miniatures out on the market for us all to enjoy.  It has just been hard for me to get excited by yet another new miniatures game and more models to collect.  Nothing has captured my excitement like Lord of the Rings did.  I have invested in many games, rules and miniatures just to find disappointment.  Then I saw Arena Rex on Kickstarter and I gave them my support.

I will admit, I have always liked Arena style combat games.  It started with Avalon Hills Gladiator game, then Anachronism (I still have all my cards) but I never could find a good set of miniatures rules.  Then not that long ago GW put out a set of Gladiator rules and I jumped all over them.  As quickly as the game came out GW closed their historical line,  big thanks GW.  With the rules no longer being on the market it makes it hard to get people to play.

I am excited about Arena Rex and hope it will finally fill the void in my gaming life.  One thing I like about this Kickstarter campaign is that if you back the game at the Ludus level (which I did) you will get a PDF copy of the rules this summer.  I will get a chance to play the game and give feedback.  I felt it was a great move on the publisher to do this, it is more of a buy in for the backers.  If you are interested in this game check out this link: Arena Rex


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bolt Action: Painting Challenge Scond 250 Points

Its the end of the month and I kinda finished my second installment of Bolt Action models.  I say "kinda" because two of the models still need to dry before applying the dull coat. 

With that said, this months installment included a 12 man stick with a decked out M3 Half Track.  The unit has one BAR and the Squad Leader has a Thompson Typewriter. 

These models do require some skills to assemble and pose.  Warlord sells them as muli-part models which simply means you have a lot of parts to put together.  The models do have limited poses and not a lot of arm options for the M1.  So I had to do some creative modeling to use the different arms for the M1.     

The gaps between the arms was bugging me and having to reshape the torso using the different arms.  Then I remembered that GW put out Liquid Green Stuff because of the problems they had with Fine Cast.  So I picked up a bottle and I must say it is good stuff.  I was able to fill in the gaps on the arms and make the models look better.

I really need to take a small break from painting this army.  I was going to paint up a few Brits for Napoleonic army.  I just need some color in my life ever once and while.