Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gearing up for Bolt Action

I took a distraction break from painting my FoW.  Warlord announced that the Bolt Action rules will be released late September.  I decided to get some 28mm WW2 stuff painted so I will have an army ready to go by the release date. 

What you are looking at are three Screaming Eagles US Airborne from the box set.  I followed Warlords painting guide and feel I came real close to matching the models on their website.  I like the way they turned out.  These new rules are for skirmish games so I will not need that many models.  I might only be painting up about 20 infantry, some gun teams and maybe a tank or two.  Now I just need to put some grass on the base and they will be done.  I haven't decided what color grass I want to use yet so for the mean time I will just post them with no grass.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

75mm mle 1897 or 105mm C mle 1935B

Well I finally got my big guns done.  I was not real motivated to get these done, I have not been playing that much lately.  Now that these are done I am getting excited again.  I tried something different with the basing.  I went with a dark soil and instead of using the static grass I went with a fine chopped grass.   I was attempting to make a battle field and it had spots of grass and soil.  It took some time for me to accept however now it is growing on me. 

Now these guns can file out two different slots for my army.  They can be ran as 75mm mle 1897 or they can be 105mm C mle 1935B.  The only thing I am lacking are the Laffly S20TL Trucks.  I have them on my table waiting for paint.  Once they are done I will be done with this army and will start work on something else.