Thursday, December 27, 2012

Re-Purposing Product Packaging

So Christmas is over and we are now gearing up for a New Year.  As I sat around my house after all the presents were opened I noticed that one of my gifts was packaged in a wonderful box.  I was more interested in the box then the contents of the box.  So later in the day I took the box into my hobby room and started to remove the plastic trays and started putting models in it.  It turned out to be a great transportation box for my new army.

This box originally help a headset from Beats Audio and now it houses my Circle Orboros army.  When I was taking these photos I notice that I re-purpose a lot of packaging from products that I purchase. 

An ipad box being used to house my Blood Bowl army.  I feel that Apple makes some of the best boxes  for packaging.  I'm sure that is why we pay so much for their stuff.

I save packaging from some companies to reuse them for holding bitz and pieces.

I also save the plastic packaging from other companies and use them for paint trays.  Once I'm done with one I can just toss it in the trash.


This packaging came from Privateer Press and I use it as a sorting tray.  It comes in handy when I am working on big projects and need to sort out the pieces once they have been cut off the spur.

Fossil Watch Boxes are the greatest.  They are metal and just look nice.  I keep one on my work bench to hold scrap pieces.  Someday I will use the scrap pieces for making debris on terrain.

I also use them for priming models with magnetic bases. 

I even use food containers in my hobby room.  I use them to spin off excess dip from models.  I like almonds so I have a lot of these containers.  I have some being used to store different things like bases and bitz.

Over the years I have seen gamers use all kinds of things for terrain and other gaming purposes.  It really goes to show how resourceful we can be for our hobby.  A box is not just a box, its an army transport.  A plastic container has many different purposes to a gamer.  Above are just a few examples of the things I have saved from going into the trash and re-purposed to my hobby.    


Jerry said...

Awesome ideas, Mike! I'm stealing the iPad box concept. Your Hordes box is brilliant!

Da Green Skins said...

iPad boxes are great, they are the most expensive transport boxes I have every purchased.

Gexton said...

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