Thursday, December 6, 2012


At the start of this year one of my first projects was a Malifaux force.  This is one of those games that we started playing at our local game store and drifted to the way side.  While we were playing I was actively painting my models.  However, like so many other games I have collected over the years, we stopped playing and I stopped panting.  One model just sat on my work bench with no paint on it.  So I decided to finish  this model and complete this force.  If you are not familiar with this game the model I just finish is called the Judge and it is part of The Guild clan.  I am glad that I finished this force because my buddy Jerry has an interest in playing this game.  So these models might see some table time next year.

*Warning* The pictures came out a little fuzzy



Jerry said...

looking good! Mine aren't even out of the box yet... but they're getting to the painting table soon.

fireymonkeyboy said...

How are you liking the game? I picked up a Seamus box ages ago, but then moved to a town where no one played, and ended up trading it away. Is it really good, or just okay?

Mike G. said...

Looks great. Awesome game.

Da Green Skins said...

Jerry, let me know when your ready to play.

Firemonkeyboy, I only played a few games and I really like the game mechanics and the cards. It does have a leaning curve because you need to know how the other forces work. Once you get it down it a fun little game.

Mike, Sounds like you like this game. Thanks for compliment.