Monday, December 24, 2012

69th or the South Lincolnshire Regiment

Merry Christmas

What a great way to celebrate the holidays then posting up my Napoleonic British.  These guys just scream Christmas time to me.  They also remind me of nutcrackers that you see in the stores this time of the year. 

So let me introduce everyone to 69th Regiment better known as the South Lincolnshire.  These first four models make up my first stand towards my Black Powder army.  The game recommends that the models be based on a 40X40 but I decided to just base mine on 20X20 Gale Force Nice magnetic bases.  This allows me to pick and chose which models go on which bases.  I will just buy some 40X40 metal bases and life will be good.

Looking at the models from left to right is the order in which I painted them (first, second, third and fourth).  Now I stated in a previous post that I was painting this army for the Waterloo book that will be released in the future from Warlord.  The South Lincolnshire Regiment fought throughout the entire Napoleonic conflict.  So to represent that some of the models are veterans of the Peninsular Battles I gave the third model different wings on his jacket.  I also went with a darker green on the jacket collar and cuffs on all the models.  I tried a brighter green and it just didn't look right so I just went with the darker green.

I am satisfied with the painting techniques that I am using on these models.  I will cover this in a later post.  For tonight just enjoy the pictures.