Friday, November 2, 2012


Before Dropzone Commander came out my buddy Jerry turned me onto a game called GRUNTZ.  What I like about this game is the players create their army from the ground up.  The game offers enough verity in the army construction you can create any type of race that you can think off.  I like this creative side of gaming.  I can create a low tech army just shooting modern guns to an advance alien race. 

The game is not married to a miniature company so if you find can find some 15mm miniatures that you like you can build your army.  In my gaming community 15mm Sci Fi does not exist so the local stores don't carry miniatures.  Looking online for 15mm I found many companies in the US and outside the US.  I decided to order my miniatures from Rebel Minis.  I am impressed with how the miniatures look and can't wait to get them on the table.

I purchased the rules for $9 and have spent time reading them.  So far I like what I have read and the rules have a lot of the gaming mechanics that I like from other games.  I really want to play a few games before saying any more about the rules.

Below a two miniatures from Rebel Minis.  These are just the front line troops and I just primed them in Desert Tan and gave them a wash of brown.  I like the detail in these models and feel they will look great once I get them painted.



Jerry said...

I'm looking forward to playing Gruntz again. I'll have to get some non human models to make a good opponent to your stuff.