Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Won an Award

leg lamp

I won an award.  I want to thank fireymonkeyboy over at themonkeythatwalks for nominating my blog for a Liebster award.  So what is the Liebster award.  It is not a physical award that I can display in my home like Mr. Parker did in the Christmas Story.  This is really just a cool grass roots effort to bring attention to other blogs have less then 200 followers and that you find interesting.  Once you have been nominated you are asked to pay it forward and nominate 5 blog pages to keep the Liebster award in motion.

Jerry's Big Picture Jerry is a lot like me when it comes to gaming.  He enjoys playing many different games and collects random models just to paint them.  Jerry is also an author and his posts are fun to read.  If you get a chance check out his spot on the web.

Itty Bitty Soldiers This is a newer site that I just started following.  The author of this page what been posting up some great stuff on Dropzone Commander and is a great painter.  Drop by and check out what he is doing to promote DZC.

Cursed Treasures This is another buddy's blog page and is all over the map when it comes to gaming.  My gaming buddies and I just don't play a few games, we play all types of different games and that is reflected on our blog pages.  This blog page has been on the web for a long time and I was surprised to notice he was still under 200 followers.  It would be cool if we could get his follower count over 200 before the end of the year.  If you want to see some great stuff follow his page.

The Grumpy Stunty If you like Dwarfs then you will enjoy this blog page.  The author is a dwarf player and it shows.  He is a great painter and posts on a regular basis.  Stop by his blog and check his out what he is doing.

Da Long Ways Dezert Groop This is a great site and the author is an active poster.  He does some great conversions and is an awesome painter.

Now that I have done my part and nominated 5 other blog pages I have fulfilled my commitment for accepting this award.  I hope this helps bring some attention to blogspots I like to visit and will increase their followers.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blood Bowl

 Today like every day I am thankful to all the men and women that serve in our military branches that allow me the freedom to pursue happiness and prosperity.  I am thankful to my family and friends that support me in my pursuits.  Today is the day in which I celebrate all that I am thankful for.  It has been a long family tradition on this day to spend hours in the kitchen cocking a Thanksgiving feast and sitting around watching football.  I could not think of a better day to show off my newly painted Blood Bowl team.  These are just the the plastic models that come with the game.  Not very exciting models to paint and very plain looking.  I decided to jazz them up a little using decals and a good color pallet.  I also added some bits on the bases to give them some personality.  I have not officially named my team however I am playing around with some different names.  The one that I am leaning towards is, Da Greenskin Waaaghers.  So this New Years at the annual Blood Bowl Day (at my buddies Tim's house) these guys will take the table and dominate the field leaving behind them a bloody trail of body parts of those who oppose their greatness.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving     

Monday, November 12, 2012


Friday I had a day just to sit around the house and work on my hobby stuff.  I spent most of the day just painting and basing models.  It was a great day.  So I was able to get a squad painted and dipped, get more models bases and some primed and everything else just got put on washers. 

I also worked on some other painting projects, you can see a Black Orc model for Blood Bowl in the left corner.  I will be showing off that team soon. 

I finished two test models so I could decide on paint colors.  I am going for the desert look with these guys.  Just following what the manufacture had done on their website.  I like the way they turned out and will be painting the rest of the squads using the same colors.

My buddy Tim received his models on Saturday.  He went with a different manufacture and he also got a tank.  His models look great and I am sure he will paint them up real nice.  This gives our group a third player; Jerry, Tim and I.  Now we just need to find time to play with the holidays coming up so quickly.  Maybe for Christmas I will get some tanks.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Before Dropzone Commander came out my buddy Jerry turned me onto a game called GRUNTZ.  What I like about this game is the players create their army from the ground up.  The game offers enough verity in the army construction you can create any type of race that you can think off.  I like this creative side of gaming.  I can create a low tech army just shooting modern guns to an advance alien race. 

The game is not married to a miniature company so if you find can find some 15mm miniatures that you like you can build your army.  In my gaming community 15mm Sci Fi does not exist so the local stores don't carry miniatures.  Looking online for 15mm I found many companies in the US and outside the US.  I decided to order my miniatures from Rebel Minis.  I am impressed with how the miniatures look and can't wait to get them on the table.

I purchased the rules for $9 and have spent time reading them.  So far I like what I have read and the rules have a lot of the gaming mechanics that I like from other games.  I really want to play a few games before saying any more about the rules.

Below a two miniatures from Rebel Minis.  These are just the front line troops and I just primed them in Desert Tan and gave them a wash of brown.  I like the detail in these models and feel they will look great once I get them painted.