Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dropzone Commander "About Time"

Its about time we can buy DzC, however distributors are selling out.  The big question is, "How quickly can Hawk Wargames restock distributors".  I hope its quick because I am really liking this game.

I purchased what I wanted for my list.  I got the starter box, Command, Gladius HBT, Scimitar Tank Destroyers and some Raven Dropships.  This gives me a little of everything to play with.

You will notice that the blister in the front are my Raven Dropships.  If you look closely at the picture you will notice it is labeled Raven-B.  Now the current errata states that the Raven-B is for transporting the Wolverine.  You can tell something is not right with the models in that blister, they have a cargo box and the Wolverine will not fit inside of it.  I think something didn't get passed along about the errata changes to the production line. 

When I got my new toys home I went right to building them.  I had a few issues putting the dropships together and will talk about that another day.  I did want to talk about the infantry bases.  These bases are designed the same way GW made their EPIC bases.  The base have a predetermined spot for the models to go.  I don't like this on my EPIC bases and I don't like them on these bases.  So I took some old EPIC infantry models and cut the infantry man off.  That gave me the perfect plug to fill the holes.  Then I can place the infantry models anyplace on the base.  With the models now slightly elevated I can use the basing material I like to use.  This is a personal preference however it is something think about when putting your army together.

Tomorrow my buddy and I are finally going to get to play DzC without having to proxy models.  I am excited about this and can't wait to play.