Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dropzone Commander (DzC)

Dropzone Commander (DcZ) is a 10mm scale sci-fi tabletop wargame, devised for mass battles between two or more players.

The rules are based on an alternate activation system, which keeps the action constant and involving.  They are designed for fast and dynamic games, and do not rely heavily on pages of reference tables.  The rules are also scalable, and will cater for tactical skirmishes as well as titanic clashes of metal and firepower.  This is accomplished without sacrificing the character of individual units, and indeed all the colour and eventfulness of battle.

A vast array of war machines will be at your disposal, but this does not belittle the importance of the humble infantryman.  The game has been designed around the concept of rapid deployment and redeployment of your forces by airborne dropships and carriers, exemplifying the pace of combat on the battlefields of the future.  This makes for a tactical and fast paced experience, where quick thinking and strokes of genius often bring victory.

The above information was taken straight out of the DzC rule book and gives the best description of what this game is all about.  I am very excited about this game and have been waiting its arrival at my local game store for some time.  At the moment we only have the rules however the models are on their way to distributors as I type this post.  If you are not familiar with this game then spend some time on their web site, Hawk Wargames.

Now if you are interested in playing 10-15mm scale sci-fi then this company might interest you.  Not only are they producing some nice looking models, they are going to be making resin modular buildings.  This is going to give gamers a way to build cities on our gaming table.  At the moment they are offering free paper buildings and roads on their website.  For a company to offer free terrain to compliment their game is just awesome.  The resin terrain is only scheduled to be out sometime this year so the paper terrain will work till then.   

I want to share more about the rules and the game however I will wait until I play it a few times first.  I will comment on the rule book itself.  First, the price of the rules are around $30.  That is a great price for a set of rules.  Its a paperback book in full color with gloss pages.  What I liked about this rule book is the layout.  It is color coded by section and each page is labeled on the right side making it easy to reference.  The rule book is just full of great pictures of the four armies and different terrain.  At the end of each army section there two pages that show the models painted with different patterns and colors.  If the quality of the rule book is any indication of their product production then I can say the models will be fantastic.

As I get more into the rules and getting my army assembled I will keep my blog updated.



Jerry said...

Sounds really cool! I'm excited to check this out.

Mike G. said...

Mike, did you order directly from Hawk Wargames? I got my rules today and I am waiting for some online stores to get stock to order an army. The rules do look really good. The only thing I thought was weird in my one reading of the rules is that the only melee rules in the rulebook is when an infantry unit is trying to attack another garrisoned infantry unit. Other than that situation, I did not see any hand to hand rules. Did I miss something in my first reading?

Da Green Skins said...

Hi Mike,

I picked my rules up from a local games store. The models will start hitting the store shelves soon. You will not find any hand to hand combat, on page 32 you will find CQB (Close Quarter Battle). You are correct it is only for Infantry on Infantry action. I believe that the game was designed without having hand to hand combat. Its different but I understand why. If I have a gun why would I want to get into hand to hand combat. I hope this helps.

Mike G. said...

I did not realize IO got the rulebook yet. That's great that local stores will stock it.

The close quarter battle rules are fairly restrictive which I thought was surprising. Hand to hand combat only takes affect when you are trying to get infantry out of a building, bunker, etc. I cannot say I disagree with your analysis. I much rather shoot someone of course. Just different from game rules perspective.

If you want to get a game in sometime, let me know.

Da Green Skins said...

From what I have heard IO and Game Depot will be stocking this product. Darren got the rules in on Tuesday.

It is shift in the way we play sci-fi games. I can't wait to get a few games in just to see how these rules work out. I am finding things about the rules that have me scratching my head. I am meeting with some of the guys today to figure out the rules.

What army are you planning on playing? Once we get our models we will need to get a few games in.

Mike G. said...

I was thinking ucm or scourge.

For some reason, I am finding the army construction rules a little confusing.

Da Green Skins said...

Both of those forces look great, I'm going with UCM. Before building an army you need to get the errata download. It has some important edits for the UCM. The army build is based on the game size, Skirmish, Clash and Battle. So for UCM Skirmish I can have 0-1 HQ/ 1 Armour/ 1-2 Infantry/ 0-1 Special/ 0 Fleet for a max of 5. Then in the boxes below the Roster tell you what you can take for each Battle Group Type. We are building a Skirmish Force so my HQ can have 1 Command/ 0-1 Scout/ 0-1 Support with a Max of 2. I will select my commander using the bottom box. For the UCM this is one of the correction from the errata. I can only choose the Squad Leader or the Lieutenant. They are allowed in Skirmish level games. Then I want to put my command in a vehicle and that is the Kodiak ACV. I can put command in a different transport however my command range is reduced. Then I want to buy a Condor to drop in on the table. So a Squad Leader is 35, Kodiak ACV 108 and a Condor is 31. 174 points. Since my max selection of this group is 2 I will add some support. So I will get some Rapier AA Tanks. I can have them transported by a Condor and it holds 3. So I will purchase 3 of them and a Condor. My tanks are 45 and three will cost 135 points and then a Condor is 31 total is 166. So that is 340 points for that battle group. This is the basic concept on how to build your army. I do believe there is a rule that states a battle group can't be more then 1/3 of your total points. I hope this long answer helps you and I also hope I am sharing correct information.

Mike G. said...

Mike, I think your information is correct and you are right about 1/3 point limitation on battlegroups.