Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gearing up for Bolt Action

I took a distraction break from painting my FoW.  Warlord announced that the Bolt Action rules will be released late September.  I decided to get some 28mm WW2 stuff painted so I will have an army ready to go by the release date. 

What you are looking at are three Screaming Eagles US Airborne from the box set.  I followed Warlords painting guide and feel I came real close to matching the models on their website.  I like the way they turned out.  These new rules are for skirmish games so I will not need that many models.  I might only be painting up about 20 infantry, some gun teams and maybe a tank or two.  Now I just need to put some grass on the base and they will be done.  I haven't decided what color grass I want to use yet so for the mean time I will just post them with no grass.


Drunken Samurai said...

Very nice stuff! Why did you paint three of the same guy? Anyway, just a few hundred more and you will catch me.

Da Green Skins said...

I painted all the same pose that way I didn't miss any of the details. I will catch up to one day. I can't wait to play the Bolt Action rules.