Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Games

With so much buzz on the net about 40k 6th edition coming out some other new releases are being over shadowed.  There are three new games that I am interested in playing and wanted to share so thoughts about each games.

Empire of the Dead:

This game has been released by West Wind Productions.  It is a skirmish game with a Steam Punk/ Horror setting.  I have played a few games with my buddy Tim and really enjoyed the game.  What turned me on about the game was the model count.  We played the game with only 5 to 6 models on each side.  I also don't have to purchase specific models from the company.  I can play this game with any miniatures and you can build your army to match your miniatures.  It is a WYSIWYG system.  Now all the really cool miniatures I have collected over the years can be used for something.  If you get a chance check out the FREE Quick Start Rules, you might like it.  West Wind Productions

Bolt Action:

Warlord Games is going to be releasing a rule system for their Bolt Action miniatures ironically called Bolt Action.  The rules are scheduled to be released in September.  There is not a lot of information on the net about these rules however my FLGS has a copy of the rules.  We also had some representatives from the company put on some demo games.  If you are not familiar with Bolt Action miniatures, well they are WW2 miniatures.  The demo games consisted of 20 miniatures on each side and a few tanks.  The game has some great mechanics and with Warlord releasing plastic miniatures the game is affordable.

DropZone Commander:

Now this game is very exciting to me.  It is a 10mm Science Fiction game.  I don't have a lot to share about this game because there is not much out about the game.  There web site has some information, just enough to get you excited, however nothing very specific.  I am excited about the game because it is small scale Sci Fi.  I am a big fan of EPIC and this game might be a great alternative to EPIC.  You never know, it might replace EPIC for me, I doubt it but you never know.  At this time you can preorder this game and their product line.  It is schedule to ship on July 23.  You can find a lot of information on their models, which look great, and some back ground information.  Check out their web site, DropZone Commander

Now at one point in my life I would have never noticed these new games being release.  I would have been just as preoccupied with the release of the new edition of 40K.   However, my relationship with Games Workshop is that of a divorced couple.  We have a lot of great memories however we don't get along.  I am just not happy with the direction GW is taking with their games and business decisions.  So I am constantly looking for alternative games to play.  The three I just wrote about might be the games for me to replace some of the GW games I play. 


Jerry said...

Your final paragraph was spot on for me! I couldn't say it better myself. I'm also looking forward to Dropzone Commander; it looks interesting.