Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6mm Flames of War

When I started playing Flames of War, first edition, my gaming buddies talked about playing the game in 6mm.  We started collecting GHQ miniatures and it never got off the ground.  I continued to collect miniatures and pushed this project to the bottom shelf of games I want to play.  Well, time moved forward and project slipped further away. 

The other day playing at my local friendly game shop one of the guys mentioned playing Flames of War in 6mm.  My eyes lite up and I jumped all over it.  We talked about it for some time and we decided that we would follow the rules only changing the movement distance, cut it in half.  Our goal was to create more of a visual change to the game and put more tanks on the table.  We decided to create 3000 point lists of nothing but tanks to see how the game plays.

My buddy purchased a pile of German tanks and I pulled out a pile of my Sherman tanks.  We both painted up our armies and put them on the table.  We then put them on the table and played our game.

Our table looks plain because we didn't have a lot of 6mm terrain and I ended up using some of my EPIC buildings as line of sight blockers and other terrain features.  My plan was to take pictures of the game as we played however I got caught up in the game and just forgot to take pictures. 

The game played like we thought it would, it played just like Flames of War.  I felt it looked better on the table at this scale.  We do need to make some additional changes.  The one that stood out during the game was the command ranges, the tanks were just to far apart and got lost in mixed units.  We will get some more games in and continue to make changes so that we can play mass battles at an affordable price. 


Drunken Samurai said...

Dude! If those things get any small they will be imaginary!

Da Green Skins said...

I have not gotten around to painting my imaginary yet. When I get it done I will post some pictures. It was a fun game to play.

Jerry said...

They look good for something so tiny! It's a pretty cool idea,though. The smaller sizes do look better in large groups.