Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hotchkiss H-35/39

Well it has been a productive month for me on the painting bench.  I finished 7 H-39 and 3 H-35.  I had the 3 H-35 set up with short guns but after looking at points and their effectiveness I decided to change them to long guns.  I just didn't see the point in changing the tanks back to H-39.  They are the same tanks on paper so I just changed the gun.  Anyways, now I have finished this force and I like the way it turned out.

I did have a chance to get some of these tanks on the table and play my buddies German list.  I was impressed with the way my force plays however having the "One Man Turret" rules creates some challenges for me.  This rules states that if I move I can only fire one gun and its a plus 1 to hit.  All my tanks have this rule, so it does make it harder for me to hit if I am running around the table.  So I need to set up and wait for my opponent to come to me.  However, that won't wont happen, I will charge right out front and take my chances.  My S-35's have a front being 6,  I can take a few hits and still survive.

Back to painting, her are some pictures of my Hotchkiss H35/39.

Now take a look at the family portrait.

Now this force gives me two list to play with.  Both are tank Companies and I have a few different build options.  I want to give myself more build options for my force so I am going to be adding some more units.

First, I am going to add another Char B-1.  I am going to use this for a possible HQ choice.

Second, I am adding a unit of 75mm mle 1897 guns.  They will be towed behind some Laffly trucks.

I am also thinking about adding 5 more S-35's.  I will not make a decision on this until my new stuff is painted.

Once this force is done I will start painting my USA stuff and start collecting my British Force for North Africa.  I will keep you posted.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Local Gaming Company Makes The Local News

My wife called me at work today and told me the local news was talking about table top gaming.  I was in shock to hear this and just want to share with everyone.

Check out the link

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Somua S-35

Here is the next batch of tanks for my French army, seven Somua S-35's.  Next on the painting bench are my ten Hotchkiss H-35/39's.  I feel confident that I will meet my goal of having this army done by the end of May.  Once this project is done I will move right into my next project.  It is a two fold project.  First, I will start collecting mid-war British and putting together a North Africa army.  Second, I will start painting my USA army.  I would share more however I really need to focus on the project in front of me.  Until then, enjoy my recent pictures.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Char B1

Some more Flames of War models finished.  I went with the two color camouflage on top of the green.  I like the way the models turn out after giving them a brown wash.  You might notice the tracks.  I painted them with a Vallejo Metallic Black.  I like using this color for guns and other metal parts.  I just lay down a base coat and wash it in black.  I think it works great from tracks.

Now my goal was to have this army done by the end of May.  I have 17 more tanks to paint so I need to get back to work.

Enjoy the pictures