Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blood Bowl Update

I was able to get some work done on my Blood Bowl Board (BBB). If you know how to play this game then you know what all the boxes are on the board. Everything is outlined with 1/4 inch square stock. It took a lot of time just cutting all the pieces to fit the board. I also pulled out my router to round the frame of the board. It is looking rather cool.

Next step is to finish sanding all the wood and blending the 1/4 inch stock. Then I will start getting some paint on the board. I figured I would stain the frame and paint the playing surface. I still have note made any decision on using flocking material on the field. When it comes to numbering all the boxes, I might have my wife do that. She recently purchase a Cricut crafting machine. She has become very skilled at cutting out stuff with it. So I was going to bribe her to cut my numbers out and I will glue them on the board. Then I will take some clear finish and poor it over the numbers. This will create a water effect and protect the numbers from peeling.

Now I have some bad news. I will not be working on this project the next month. I need to prepare for a local tournament, Gathering in the Desert, Lord of the Rings. I still need to make a display board and might want to make some changes to my list which means I need to paint some more models.


Tim Kulinski said...

Nice work man, look forward to clashing on the Pitch!