Sunday, November 13, 2011

EPIC Necrons

It seems that Necrons are all a buzz these days, might have something to do with the release of a new codex and models. I have seen the new line of models and I must say they are really nice. With all this excitement towards Necrons I thought I would share some pictures of my EPIC Necron army. I recently just finished painting the core troops.

This is a group shoot and you can't really see anything.

This close up shows my 4 stands of Pariahs

This is a close up of some Warriors, I run 4 units of them

These are the Immortals, I have a total of 9 stands

Just of few of my Lord stands. I have 4 Lords with Immortals and 2 Lords with Pariahs

Next up for this project is to scratch build all my Wraiths. I can put 3 stands in each unit so I have to scratch build 12 stands. I have built two stands already using different techniques. I now just need to decided which style I want to go with. I will do a "How To" when I post pictures of them completed.


Feral said...

Cool, I have some of those models hidden in a box somewhere. :)

Inhir said...

Its about time