Sunday, September 25, 2011

What happened to September

The month of September seems to have slipped by in the blink of an eye. I was in my hobby room just looking at everything I did this month and realized I got a lot done this month. I worked on a lot of different projects that were sitting on my bench. So let me take you on a tour of what I got done this month.

Earlier this month I talked about some new basing material I started to use. I decided to base up my 28mm WW2 figures. These are Warlords, USA Screaming Eagles. I wanted to get them based up so I could get a few test games in with some friends. I did test paint one of the models that I had to repair. I was not happy with the repair however I like the way the paint turned out.

I figured since I was working on WW2 stuff I would pull out my Flames of War army. I picked this army up in a trade and knew it would need to be stripped and repainted. I spent a lot of time stripping the tanks and half tracks.

Three of the tanks were missing the barrels and they are all missing their 50cals. I decided to purchase the new Plastic Soldiers Sherman tanks for replacement barrels. I like their products and they give you multiple configurations so you will have extra parts. I feel that I found the perfect replacement barrels.

I then decided to paint one of the Plastic Soldiers tanks. It is just a basic paint job however I like the way the decals turned out. They looked painted on. What I did was painted the spot for the decal with a clear coat, then applied the decal and painted over it again with some clear coat. Once I was finished the decal looked painted on.

I also painted some Warmaster models that have been sitting around for some time. These are hero models and I just wanted to practice on some smaller scale stuff before I start painting my Ancients and EPIC stuff.

A while ago my buddy Anthony suggested I should paint a Harad army for Lord of the Rings. I had one of the models on my bench and decided to paint it. After working on this I might just have to paint an army next. It turned out good and if I did a whole army it would look nice on a gaming table.

And last night I finished my first stand of Necrons for EPIC army. I will be spending next month working on this project.

I had a busy month in my hobby room this month. Now its back to working on my next project and playing more World of Tanks.


Jerry said...

It all looks great, Mike! I have an extra Harad King still in the package if you need it. Just let me know. Those guys rock!

I'm looking forward to seeing your 28mm WW2 stuff. We'll have to get a game in when they're ready.

Drunken Samurai said...

Very nice variety of stuff. I really like the WW2 stuff. The Plastic Soldier Co tanks are great! I have lots of plans for these.

Da Green Skins said...

Jerry, I will take the Harad King off your hands. Shoot me a price. I based the WW2 stuff so we could play a few games. It is going to take some time before they get painted, too much to do right now.

Drunken, I really like the Plastic Solder tanks. The one thing I did wrong was put the tracks on after painting. You can see a gap where the two pieces come together. Next time I will put everything together then paint it.

Inhir said...

It all looks great but you sill have to get the necrons done before the end of the year