Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ancients Gaming

My buddy, Anthony, and I have been gaming for some time now. We really enjoy playing EPIC however we decided to put that game on pause while we both paint our armies. When we made this decision we talked about what games to play during our EPIC absence. Anthony foolishly mentioned playing Ancients and probably regrets ever mentioning that to me. I have always wanted to play Ancients and have collected a few armies and different rule systems. So I eagerly jumped on board with his request and all we had to do was figure out all the particulars. Ancient gaming is a lot different from other gaming periods or systems. Locally, you just can’t walk into a game store and pick up an army and start playing. So we had to do our research and answer the following questions:

What scale models do we want to play?

What manufacture models did we want to use?

Who do we purchase the models from?

What rule system did we want to play?

Scale: We both enjoy playing games that represent mass battle, that is why we play EPIC. We already knew that anything above 15-mm was not what we wanted. I then showed him my 15-mm models and we still didn’t feel that it represented mass battle. So we looked at 6-mm and 10-mm. Looking at pictures of both scales we were not impressed with 6-mm and decided to go with 10-mm.

Manufacture: After researching all the different manufactures and reading reviews on them we decided to go with Magister Militum. They have a wide verity of models at an affordable price. I ordered a pack of Hannibal’s Veterans so we could see them in person. We were both impressed with the quality of the casting and the price.

Purchasing: I always want to purchase models from local shops before ordering off the Internet. We spoke to the shop owner and he told us he could not order what we were looking for. So it was off to the Internet. We found Great Hall Games out of Texas that carry Magister Militum products and an order was placed.

Rule System: Now we just needed to decide on a rule system. Since we were playing 10-mm we decided to look at Warmaster Ancients and Field of Glory. Both systems have their pluses and minus however we liked Warmaster Ancients and decided to go with it. The selling point for Warmaster Ancients is we could also play Warmaster, Battle of Five Armies, Blitzkrieg Commander, Future War Commander and Cold War Commander. The game mechanics are all based off Warmaster written by Rick Priestley and I have all the rules and armies for all these games except Cold War Commander.

It took us a few weeks to answer these questions however it was time well spent. We have played a some games so far working through the rules. We are still learning the rules and as time goes on I am sure we will get them all down. I am playing the Carthaginians and Anthony is playing a Roman army. As this adventure continues I will keep my blog up to date on our progress.


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