Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tale of Four Gamers (August)

Well I finally finished my painting for August. This part of the challenge is over and now we just need to get a few games in and crown the winner. I am excited to have this army finished because now I have two armies painted.

So here is my army list:
Uruk-hai Captain with heavy armour and shield
Uruk-hai with banner
20 Uruk-hai Warriors with weapon and shield
19 Uruk-hai Warrior with pikes
11 Uruk-hai Scouts with bows
3 Berserkers

All the pikes were converted using brass rods and the bases were hand made. I am happy with the way this army turned out and I can't wait to get it on the table.

So what is next for my painting table, well that will be EPIC. I have been playing my Necrons for some time and I really like them. Since my buddy Anthony are taking a break from EPIC I figured it would be the perfect time to get them painted. My goal is to have them done by the end of the year, another four months.