Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Month of Gaming Tables

Hey guys I have been real busy this month helping build gaming tables for friends and my local game shop. At the moment I have taken an active role in building 5 tables and this Thursday I will be building one more. That is a total of 6 tables in the first two weeks in July. The first table was built by Tim (Cursed Treasures) and I for our buddy Jerry and you can see it on his blog page, Jerry's Big Picture. Then last night Tim and I built 4 new gaming tables for our local game shop. Tim is the one that introduced local gamers to the Simpson Strong-Ties that make one of the best gaming tables I have ever played on. This product is sold to build a workbench however they make a better gaming table.

Now the tables we built for the shop were just simple tables and not as labor intensive as the table we built for Jerry. We were able to build a table in an hour, so it took us four hours to build all the tables. Now this Thursday I will be helping another friend build his table.

So, since July has become "The Month Of Gaming Tables" I decided to pull my gaming table out of the garage and put it into my gaming room. I had to rearrange everything to make this happen and I still have some work to do in my gaming room however I should have it done soon.

I want to install some shelves on the bottom of my table so I don't have stuff sitting on the floor. Then I just need to finish putting everything away. Now my reason for having a table in my gaming room is not necessarily to play games on, it is more so I can start building terrain. I am getting more serious about painting armies I want to have terrain to complaints my armies. I am no longer happy just throwing a few random pieces of terrain on the table to play a game. So my table is going to used to assist me with building terrain for the games I play. My first terrain project is going to be some kind of industrial plant for 40K Combat Patrol. Its all about the experience of gaming and terrain helps improve the game on so many levels. I will keep you posted on my terrain projects as I get them done.


Jerry said...

Of course I have to comment that the table you built for me is absolutely fabulous! You still need to come over and play on it. Just give the word! You have definitely been hard at work building stuff! I'll be checking out our handiwork at the game store tomorrow. I bet you're becoming an expert on this by now!

Da Green Skins said...

I must correct part of my post. I was informed today that Rob over at Drunken Samurai was the one that introduced the Simpson Strong Ties to the local gamers. I am not sure why I thought it was Tim, maybe I was just so impressed with his knowledge on them I just gave him credit for it. Either way, I will now give Rob all the credit and continue to be impressed by Tim for his great terrain and painting abilities.

Tim Kulinski said...

Oh Man is it getting thick around here!! LOL

So from here on out, July shall be know as Table Building Month!