Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EPIC Buildings

I really enjoy playing EPIC and my buddy and I want to build some tables just for EPIC.  I want to build a city board and have been challenged finding buildings.  At one time GW made some great ruined buildings however they have become very expensive over the years.  I have been buying some from other companies and started a small collection.  The goal is to make a city table that looks like the picture my friend posted on his blog, Cursed Treasures.


Last week I was on Table Top Gaming News and saw a new release from Game Craft Miniatures for ruined buildings.  I clicked on over to their web site and liked what I saw.  I was concerned when I read the product description that the buildings were made from a picture matting material.  I was not sure if it would hold up on the gaming table being made out of a paper product.  I took my chances and ordered some and figured I would give them a try.   

Yesterday my buildings showed up in the mail and I couldn't wait to see what they looked like.  I opened the box to find candy.  I was surprised and laughed a little about it.  I always like it when a company gives me something I did not expect.

After I ate a piece of candy I removed my new buildings from the box.  I like they way this company packaged the buildings.  They could have just put all the pieces in the box and sent it out.  No, they put each of the 9 buildings in a zip lock bag.  I didn't have to spend my time sorting out the pieces and could just pick out a building to build. 

I opened one of them to check the quality of the product.  I was very happy with how durable the material is.  It is very strong and didn't feel like paper at all, more like wood.  At that point I knew that for the $20 price tag I got a great deal.  Now don't get me wrong they can break but it takes some effort.  So I then decided it was time to build a few.  Real simple to build, a little glue on the corners and let them set up to dry.  Each building piece has some cut out that fit together like a puzzle piece.  I had no problems putting them together and I used Super Glue.

 After the main part of the building was done I then added some interior floors that came with my purchase. 

I had these two building done in less then 10 minutes.  Now came the fun part.  One of the challenges building a city board is that I don't want all my buildings looking the same.  What is cool about these buildings is the amount of space provided on between the windows and doors.  It gave me some creative freedom to add some different pieces of plastic card stock to make each one unique. 

Now when I get to work on my table I can make it look like a real city with each building having its own flavor.  Now I have not painted them yet however I am not concerned.  I will give them a good coat of primer and then then a quick dry brush.  I might even give them some graffiti and posters just to add more character to them.

So here is my product review, they rock.  The scale is great as you can see in one of the previous pictures.  You get 9 buildings for $20 you can't find a better deal.  I don't know how this company is cutting this product, I think they are using a leaser cutting because the product looks burnt on the edges, but they are cut perfectly.  I was just very impressed by this company from ordering, delivery and the product itself.  I will be ordering some more and hope that they will be adding to this product line in the future. 



Mister Feral said...

I'll glad to hear good things about the set, I saw these as well and thought "ooh nice cheap Epic buildings"! :)

sonsoftaurus said...

Very nice. Thanks for the review. I've found some good epic-scale props at dollar stores and the like; check out the kitsch section with the ceramic bunnies and the like. Often there are little buildings and monuments that can work well.

Jerry said...
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Jerry said...

Nice write up. They look good. I hope they will put up 28mm stuff too. This stuff also looks good for other 15mm games like Flames of War.

Da Green Skins said...

Mister Feral if you need a lot of buildings they are the place to go. They have two sets out at the moment and I can now build my table.

Sons Of Taurus thanks for the lead on props I will have to check some of the stores out locally.

Jerry they make a 15mm kit out of foam board. They have a lot of good stuff and you need to check out their web site.

Inhir said...

They look good mike im heading to home depot later today to do somone home work on the materials for my home table :)