Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tale of Four Gamers (May)

May was the start of the Tale of Four Gamers, Lord of the Rings.  I jumped right in and got to work painting my Uruk-hai army.  I found this army easy to paint and I just finished my May painting.  I am going for a dark and dirty army.  Some of the custom work include replacing the pikes and custom bases. Now since I finished early I could start work on next months painting however I feel that takes away from the spirit of this challenge.  So next month I will paint another 175 points and I will spend the rest of this month working on EPIC stuff. 

I thought I would share a short tutorial on how I made my pikes.  What I did was took a piece of brass rod and hammered one end flat on my anvil.

Then I took a pair of wire cutters and trimmed it to the shape I wanted.

Then I cut the brass rod slightly over the length that I wanted.  I want it longer because I take the cut end and sand it down reducing the size of the brass rod.

I do this so when I cut off the plastic pike I can drill a hole in the model for the new pike.  This increases the glue surface and holds the pike in place better.  I wanted to drill a small hole in the model so that I didn't cause any visible damage to the model.  It worked out really good and I am pleased with the results.


Inhir said...

They look fantastic mike. I might have to bring the elves to cut your forces down to size.

Da Green Skins said...

Inhir, at the moment I only have 175 pts. When I get to 700 points my boys with destroy your Elves.

Inhir said...

So what your saying is you need a 100 point handicap makes sense

Da Green Skins said...

No I don't need a 100 point handicap. The Gathering in the Desert is moving to 700 points. You will need to paint more models slacker.