Saturday, May 21, 2011

Epic Obelisk Is Done

I finished my Obelisk for EPIC this week and I feel it turned out good.  I got some feedback on my test models and took that feedback and came up with what you see.  Now I just need to cast about 10 of them so I can build my Necron Army.


Buyaki said...

This looks great and captures the theme of Necrons quite nicely.

Warflake said...

Really nice blog man, you cover different games which I like and your stuffs great.

Da Green Skins said...

Buyaki: Thanks for your comment. It took some time to make and will look better on the tabletop.

Warflake: I appreciate checking out my blog and following me. I am a true gamer and play a lot of different games. Life is too short just to play one game.

Inhir said...

Looks great but you'll probably need more than 10