Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tale of Four Gamers

Do you remember when WD did some articles called "Tale of Four Gamers"? 

The articles documented the progress of four gamers as they built, painted and played their armies.  They spent the time and energy doing this for WFB and 40K, however they neglected doing anything for Lord of the Rings.  A friend of mine thought it would be fun to do the same thing for Lord of the Rings.  I was invited to participate in this blog version of "Tale of Four Gamers".

So the rules are simple.  Starting May first we begin building and painting.  Each month we have to paint 175 points towards our goal of 700.  We will receive points if we meet our painting goals.  During the four month time frame we will also be playing our new armies.  We will get additional points based on the outcome of the games that we play.  The winner of this challenge will receive dinner paid for by the three other players.  Its is going to be a fun event and bring out some competition between us.

I have decided to do a White Hand list and my first 175 points will include the following:
Uruk-hai Captain with heavy armour  55 points
Uruk-hai Warriors with shields X6 60 points
Uruk-hai Warriors with pikes X6 60 points

So for the next few months expect to see more Lord of the Rings stuff being posted on my blog page.  Since we don't receive any bounces for painting over 175 points I will be working on some other things if time permits.  If you are interested in following the other players I added their blog links below.

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