Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Passing Of Sam

With the passing of Sam (Samuel) a part of me goes with him.  He was the first pet that my wife and I brought into our lives together.  He had an amazing personality and brought us so much joy for the past 16 years.  He and I bounded so much over the years and we shared many hours together just hanging out.  He was my buddy and a friend.

Samuel your life will be celebrated and remembered by those lives you touched with your charm.  You brought us so much and asked for so little in return, a scratch on the head and some food you in your bowl.  Our home is not the same without you and your family misses you so much.  We will always remember the time we had together.  Only time will heal the wound that your passing caused however your memory will live with us forever.    


Tim Kulinski said...


Sorry to hear of the Passing of Sam, having had to put down three of my Cats I know what you mean. When my cat Deidre passed away it tore me up. To boot Deidre used to hang with me while I wrote LotHS often sitting right on the desk next to the computer.

Sorry to hear of your loss buddy...

Anonymous said...

16 years is a lot for a cat, so it's clear you took good care of him :)

It's funny how cats have a way of sneaking themselves so deep into your hearts that you don't really notice them untill they are gone.

My deepest sympathies for you, though I will recommend that you get a new cat to worm it's way in :)

Da Green Skins said...

Hey guys thanks for the kind words. My family is moving forward and getting better each day. It is nice to know that others understand how important pets can be in our lives.

Thank you so much


Jerry said...

Mike, Sorry to hear about this. I've got two cats and I know how much they get involved with our lives. Sounds like Sam lived a long and happy life. I hope things will soon get back to normal for you and your family.

Marcin Ciszewicz said...

I live with three cats, four counting my wife, who behaves like a perfect catgirl sometimes, so I understand the love you have lavished upon your companion. One of them is actually sitting on my lap as I attempt to type these words. It is sad to see a friend go away, and I can only offer you, and your family, my deepest condolences, as well as hope that you will get better.