Sunday, April 10, 2011

EPIC Obelisk

My buddy and I have been playing EPIC for some time now.  We both enjoy the game very much however it is not very popular in our community.  We promote the game at our local game store and have had some limited success getting other interested.  So what were are doing is trying to build as many armies as we can so when other gamers show an interest we can have an army for them to play.  This is going to take some time however we both feel that it will help get others interested in the game. 

So last week I picked up a Necron army.  If you know anything about EPIC you know that GW never produced a Necron army.  The good thing is other companies have produced models that can be used for Necrons and with some simple conversions you can create an army.  One of the models I could not find a good match for was the Obelisk.  I decided to make my own and once I am happy with what I made I will then cast it.  What I am looking for is some feedback on the three that I made.  I made two on 20mm bases and one is smaller.   Let me know what you think.


Inhir said...

Wow Mike those look fantastic

Brent Ward said...

Mike, do you still have the e-mail address for the guy that sells the Epic-scale Monoliths?