Thursday, March 24, 2011

Command and Colors Board

It is finally done and I must say it looks great.  My goal was to have this done at the end of February however life got in the way.  So let me take you for a tour of this board.  This is for the River Coa scenario.

It is a good size board and was made with the intentions of using 28mm models. Each hexagon is 5 inches from the flat sides and 6 inches from the corners.  The brown hexagons represent the cities in the scenario.  I am going to make some other attempts to make the towns look more realistic just not sure how I am going to do it yet.

I really like the way the bunkers turned out.  I made them out of some wood sticks.

The rivers were more labor intensive. My buddy Anthony suggested I use a router and make the rivers level with the board. I ran with his suggestion and made some great looking rivers.   I made the bridge removable and it is just a piece of plastic card with wood strips on it.  As time goes on I will make a hexagon with an attached bridge. 

Now the trees I have to make a decision on.  When I was at the Lord of the Rings tournament one of the players brought some terrain and I really liked the trees he made.  He told me he made them using moss for plants.  He told me all the pros and cons of using moss however I really liked the way his trees looked on the table.  The negatives of using moss is that it drys out and breaks off.  If I am careful with the trees I shouldn't have any problems.  The other trees I made I used flocking and it does not look nearly and nice as the moss.  I am not sure which way to go yet and I will wait and see how the trees hold up.

Overall the board came out really nice and I can't wait to play a game on it.  When I do I will get some pictures to share.  My goal from this point is to just pick different scenario and build the different terrain pieces. 

One of the concerns I had building this board was the fact that I can't cut perfect hexagons multiple times.  I thought that the board would drift and create gaps and would look like crap.  Well as you can see I do have some gaps however it helps show the lines and my concerns are gone.  I am also cutting better hexagons with more experiencing.  I will keep you posted with updates on this project and will share pictures along the way. 


Tim Kulinski said...


The board looks awesome man, you did a great job. One idea for your towns would be to make a flat town that stands on the Hex. Take a piece of plastic card wide enough for the hex and print out a town picture and glue to the card. This will give you a 2D pop up town that you can still move stands onto.

Da Green Skins said...

Thanks for the feedback Tim. I will make a 2D town and see how it turns out.

Inhir said...

You did a great job on the board mike now im really excited to do the epic boards. :)