Sunday, March 20, 2011

Basing Models

I have noticed more and more companies producing custom bases.  I see this as an advancement in gaming and improving the games that we play.  Now we can simply purchase a creative base to make our armies really stand out.

Seeing all these great bases being produce I wonder how they effect judging armies for painting scores in tournaments.  One of the things about hour hobby is creating a good looking army and the bases are part of that.  So would a player that puts the time and energy into making their own bases be judged the same as a player that just purchases custom bases.

So why do I wonder about this,  I am getting ready to start work on a new army for Lord of the Rings.  I put together some different bases made out of different materials.  Making these bases take time and I am just trying to decide if I should just purchase some bases or continue to make my own.  Below are some examples of bases that I make, they still need some flock to add color.  Long story short, I am looking for some feedback from other players and their experience with custom bases being used in tournaments.     


Inhir said...

Wow mike i really like those i think they are just as good as what they are producing and you can say you did them yourself