Monday, February 21, 2011

The Results (Gathering in the Desert)

The Gathering in the Desert is over and I must say it was a great weekend.  I had a lot of fun and met some great players.  The event organizer just posted the results and I must say I am happy with my results.  Keeping in mind this was the first tournament I have participated in and I placed tenth.  More importantly my army tied for fourth place for best appearance.  Let me break down my games for you.

Game #1: Artifact, was a Draw
Game #2: Domination, was a Minor Loss
Game #3: Emissary, was a Draw
Game #4: Meeting Engagement, was a Draw
Game #5: Head of the Snake, was a Draw

Now let me talk about the event.  Since I have nothing to compare it to I can't really say much.  It was very well organized and everything was kept on track.  One thing I really liked about the event were the awards given for each game.  Each one of the awards were different based on the game that was being played.  I received one of the awards for game #5 because my General died first, not a good thing, and the objective for this game was to kill the opponents General.  The reason I pulled a draw on the game was because I also killed my opponents General.  These awards made the tournament fun because each game gave the players a chance to win something during the weekend.  This was such a great event I will be participating in next years event. 

Outside of participating in such a great event I need to learn more about the rules.  I made some mistakes that had to be corrected by my opponents.  I am still new to this gaming system and need to really get these rules down.  By next year I will be better prepared with the rules of the game and I will have a new army for my opponents. 

The event organizer has not posted all the photos from the event however if you want to check it out head over to Gathering in the Desert.  If you check back towards the end of the week you will see all the great tables we played on and the action shots.      


Inhir said...

Mike you did great for your first tourney your army looked great and the few rules descrepincies that i heard floating around were nothing big at all. All we need to get you to do now is focus on the objective and teach you some of the finer points of the game that come with experience.