Friday, February 18, 2011

Gathering In The Desert 2011

Well the big weekend is upon me.  When I set out with this challenge my goal was to learn a new gaming system, paint an army and play in a tournament.  The last part of my challenge will be this weekend at The Gathering in the Desert tournament.  I am looking forward to meeting all the players and just having a great weekend playing games. 

Hanging out with the local players I have developed a new appreciation for some of the finer details in gaming.  The event organizer creates some of the best terrain for gaming.  I had a chance to help him creating some of this terrain and playing on some of his gaming tables.  It really changed the game for me.   If you are interested in seeing some of the tables we will be playing on take a look at his blog page, Cursed Treasures.  It is this new appreciation that has moved me to make the Commands and Colors board.  I now understand the importance of having a painted army and terrain that compliments the armies that are being played. 

I also witnessed something else during this challenge.  The shop that this tournament is being held happens to be my local gaming shop.  The shop I hang out at is a one man show.  The shop owner, Darren, is a great guy and he does all he can to ensure that his customers have a place to play games.  One of the problems with this is that some of the customers don't help with keeping the shop clean and he is busy running the shop and he doesn't always have the time to clean the shop.  He knew he had this tournament coming up this weekend and put the word out to his customers to help get the shop ready for this weekend.  I was shocked and surprised to see how many people showed up to help.  We all spent the day cleaning the place up and getting things ready.  I was impressed with what we all got done and feel that this will just ensure that everyone has a great time this weekend.  This lead me to ask what type of a customer I am to my local shop.  I know personally I do everything I can to make sure the shop is kept up.  Its the little things I do to help, I police the shop for trash and if I see produce out of place I put it back ware it belongs.  Ultimately it is the shop owners job to make sure his shop is kept clean and presentable to the public.  I just know how much work goes into running a business and cleaning is not always the top priority.  He offers his customers a place to play and if customers would just pick up after themselves he wouldn't have had to ask for help.  Cleaning up after yourself is your way of saying thanks for letting me play at your shop.  I want to personally say thanks to everyone that came out yesterday and help clean the shop, your efforts will be enjoyed by all this weekend.