Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

I was busily painting my EPIC Necrons when I heard the explosions from fireworks in the sky. I knew it was the end of the year and time to put my paint brush down. I have been working hard on this army the past few days trying to get it done. I still have some painting on the models to complete it but for the most part it is done.

So lets take a look at 2011:

My goal for the year was to simply focus my time on painting. I wanted to spend a hour a day painting. Being the realist that I am, I could not spend just a hour a day painting nor could I paint every day of the week. Either way, it balanced out nicely for me throughout the year. I was able to paint two armies in 2011 and made a great gaming board for Command and Colors. I also worked on other painting projects along the way.

I played in my first tournament (Gathering in the Desert) and had a great time.

I started playing historical games and will be exploring more of them in the future.

That is about it for 2011. I played a lot of great games with my friends and painted some models. I am very happy with my success with gaming, painting and blogging.

Now whats on the calendar for 2012. I am going to keep the same goal that I made in 2011. I just want to keep up with my painting and budgeting my time so I can paint. The only twist I am going to throw in the mix in 2012 is I want to focus on WW2. I have a collection of 28MM, 15MM and 6MM models. So be prepared to see some WW2 stuff in the near future.

I will be playing in another tournament (Gathering in the Desert).

I heard rumors of another painting competition however not many details at the moment. All I know at this point is we will have a group of guys all painting 40K Orks and playing some games. It will be fun and interesting.

So happy News Years to everybody and thank you for reading my blog and keeping your blogs up to date. I enjoy reading what other gamers are doing and sharing their tips and tricks.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EPIC Nightbringer

I would like to introduce you to my little friend; my Nightbringer. I was going to build a Nightbringer however this model works so much better. It is a Cairn Wraith from the Vampire Counts. What sold me on the model were the three different faces it came with and the one I used really looks like a Necron Face. Maybe GW meant for this model to be used as a Nightbringer. One more model done and just a few more to do and this army will be done.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wraiths are Done

I finished my Wraiths yesterday and took some pictures today.

When I started painting this army I thought I would have it done by the end of the year. It is looking highly unlikely this will happen. I am thinking by the end of January if I don't get too distracted by my other hobbies. Enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

EPIC Wraiths "How To"

Thursday was a very productive day for me. I had nothing going on so I got to spend the day making my Wraiths for my army. My goal was to make 12 stands however I only had enough models to make 10. For today, however, I am going to show you how I made these models. They are not painted yet and once I get them finished I will show off the completed models.

So lets get started:

When I made my first stand of Wraiths I used pieces of scrap metal from older models. The problem was I didn't have much of it to use. I then decided to use some Styrene. I actually found that I could work with the Styrene faster.

What I did next was just started cutting along the side of the Styrene. I made small cuts with the angle side of the clippers facing side of the Styrene being cut off. You might need to try it a few times until you get the hang of it.

Then I cleaned up the Styrene. As you can see, the cuts I made created a nice detail to the Wraiths body. I also filed a small recess towards the front. This is where the model will be glued in place.

Now I had to cut up the model that I am using. I am using the Sergeant model from Exodus Wars. It came in the Edenite pack. I had a lot of extras and felt it was the best model for the Wraiths. I started by cutting its legs off. They I had to flatten the back of the model so it would fit into the recess I made in the Styrene. I just used a file to make this happen.

Then I trimmed the sides of the torso so that it was the same width at the Styrene. If you look closely at the model you will notice some flashing and that is all I removed.

Then I glued them on the Styrene that I cut up. You might notice that I did some shaping of the Styrene where I glued the model on. I feel it just looks better this way.

I then took the unused part of the models and glued them onto the base. The main reason I did this was to file the recess on the base. Once the glued dried I cut off the rest of the model and filed flat.

Then I cut them off the Styrene and glued them to the base. This is an important step. You might have to cut the Styrene at an angle so that the model is not looking straight down. It is up to you on how you want your models to look. I wanted mine to be at a slight angel that way they are looking down on their victims.

If you have any questions or need clarification please feel free to leave a comment and I will answer it for you.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

EPIC Necrons

It seems that Necrons are all a buzz these days, might have something to do with the release of a new codex and models. I have seen the new line of models and I must say they are really nice. With all this excitement towards Necrons I thought I would share some pictures of my EPIC Necron army. I recently just finished painting the core troops.

This is a group shoot and you can't really see anything.

This close up shows my 4 stands of Pariahs

This is a close up of some Warriors, I run 4 units of them

These are the Immortals, I have a total of 9 stands

Just of few of my Lord stands. I have 4 Lords with Immortals and 2 Lords with Pariahs

Next up for this project is to scratch build all my Wraiths. I can put 3 stands in each unit so I have to scratch build 12 stands. I have built two stands already using different techniques. I now just need to decided which style I want to go with. I will do a "How To" when I post pictures of them completed.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What happened to September

The month of September seems to have slipped by in the blink of an eye. I was in my hobby room just looking at everything I did this month and realized I got a lot done this month. I worked on a lot of different projects that were sitting on my bench. So let me take you on a tour of what I got done this month.

Earlier this month I talked about some new basing material I started to use. I decided to base up my 28mm WW2 figures. These are Warlords, USA Screaming Eagles. I wanted to get them based up so I could get a few test games in with some friends. I did test paint one of the models that I had to repair. I was not happy with the repair however I like the way the paint turned out.

I figured since I was working on WW2 stuff I would pull out my Flames of War army. I picked this army up in a trade and knew it would need to be stripped and repainted. I spent a lot of time stripping the tanks and half tracks.

Three of the tanks were missing the barrels and they are all missing their 50cals. I decided to purchase the new Plastic Soldiers Sherman tanks for replacement barrels. I like their products and they give you multiple configurations so you will have extra parts. I feel that I found the perfect replacement barrels.

I then decided to paint one of the Plastic Soldiers tanks. It is just a basic paint job however I like the way the decals turned out. They looked painted on. What I did was painted the spot for the decal with a clear coat, then applied the decal and painted over it again with some clear coat. Once I was finished the decal looked painted on.

I also painted some Warmaster models that have been sitting around for some time. These are hero models and I just wanted to practice on some smaller scale stuff before I start painting my Ancients and EPIC stuff.

A while ago my buddy Anthony suggested I should paint a Harad army for Lord of the Rings. I had one of the models on my bench and decided to paint it. After working on this I might just have to paint an army next. It turned out good and if I did a whole army it would look nice on a gaming table.

And last night I finished my first stand of Necrons for EPIC army. I will be spending next month working on this project.

I had a busy month in my hobby room this month. Now its back to working on my next project and playing more World of Tanks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ancients Gaming

My buddy, Anthony, and I have been gaming for some time now. We really enjoy playing EPIC however we decided to put that game on pause while we both paint our armies. When we made this decision we talked about what games to play during our EPIC absence. Anthony foolishly mentioned playing Ancients and probably regrets ever mentioning that to me. I have always wanted to play Ancients and have collected a few armies and different rule systems. So I eagerly jumped on board with his request and all we had to do was figure out all the particulars. Ancient gaming is a lot different from other gaming periods or systems. Locally, you just can’t walk into a game store and pick up an army and start playing. So we had to do our research and answer the following questions:

What scale models do we want to play?

What manufacture models did we want to use?

Who do we purchase the models from?

What rule system did we want to play?

Scale: We both enjoy playing games that represent mass battle, that is why we play EPIC. We already knew that anything above 15-mm was not what we wanted. I then showed him my 15-mm models and we still didn’t feel that it represented mass battle. So we looked at 6-mm and 10-mm. Looking at pictures of both scales we were not impressed with 6-mm and decided to go with 10-mm.

Manufacture: After researching all the different manufactures and reading reviews on them we decided to go with Magister Militum. They have a wide verity of models at an affordable price. I ordered a pack of Hannibal’s Veterans so we could see them in person. We were both impressed with the quality of the casting and the price.

Purchasing: I always want to purchase models from local shops before ordering off the Internet. We spoke to the shop owner and he told us he could not order what we were looking for. So it was off to the Internet. We found Great Hall Games out of Texas that carry Magister Militum products and an order was placed.

Rule System: Now we just needed to decide on a rule system. Since we were playing 10-mm we decided to look at Warmaster Ancients and Field of Glory. Both systems have their pluses and minus however we liked Warmaster Ancients and decided to go with it. The selling point for Warmaster Ancients is we could also play Warmaster, Battle of Five Armies, Blitzkrieg Commander, Future War Commander and Cold War Commander. The game mechanics are all based off Warmaster written by Rick Priestley and I have all the rules and armies for all these games except Cold War Commander.

It took us a few weeks to answer these questions however it was time well spent. We have played a some games so far working through the rules. We are still learning the rules and as time goes on I am sure we will get them all down. I am playing the Carthaginians and Anthony is playing a Roman army. As this adventure continues I will keep my blog up to date on our progress.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Basing Material

For me, basing my models is just as important as painting them. I am always trying new things to make my bases stand out. A few months ago I had to make some repairs to my stucco house. I went to the big home repair store, Home Depot, and looked around for someone to help me. When I finally found someone he showed me what I needed, Quikrete Stucco Repair. I went home and read the instructions and made the needed repairs. I was impressed with my handyman work and this product.

I went to put the remaining product away and wondered how this stuff would work for basing material. I decided to give it a try and spread the product on a piece of scrap wood. It took right to the wood and provided some great texture. Once the product dried I wondered how well it bounded to the wood. So I took the wood and skipped it across the street. The product did chip however it held up better then I expected. So I took the same piece of wood and decided to paint it.

I really liked the texture and strength of the product. Now this is a concrete material so it does have some weight to it. Since I am going to be using for basing material the added weight will not be an issue. I then decided to do a sample model. I picked up a Flames of War base and a GHQ Jeep. Below is the finished product.

Again, I was impressed with this product as a basing material and decided to add this to my collection of basing material. Now you might notice the black trim around the base. This is nothing outside the norm in the gaming community. Many gamers paint the trim of their bases a verity of different colors. It is how I painted the base that is interesting. A while back I was at the craft store with my wife. I was over by the Sharpies and saw an oil based paint marker made by Sharpie. I have always liked Sharpies product line and decided to give it a try. It worked out great and now I have one sitting on my work bench. It has helped me speed up this part of my painting process and gives a nice even coat once I am done. It does have a glossy finish however I use a dull coat so the gloss finish is not an issue.

I hope you get a chance to try these items to help improve your modeling experience.