Sunday, August 29, 2010

Should I Clear Coat My Models

I have been painting miniatures for many years and I always spray my models with a clear coat after painting them. For some time now I have been having issues with the clear coats on the market. The main issue I am having is the clear coat fogging once sprayed on the model. I started using Testors Dull Coat and it works great. The only issue with Testors is that the model still has a shine to it, just look at the model from my previous post. I also lose some of my highlights once I spay on the clear coat. Now I am at a cross road and need to make the decision if I should continue using the clear coat or just skip this step.

On the positive side clear coat adds an extra layer of protection on the paint to protect it from chipping. This is a major benefit and makes me want to continue using it. On the negative side, well I have already outlined the problems I have been having. I would like to hear from some others on this subject before I move forward on the models I just finished.

Do you use a clear coat on your models?

What brand are you using?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mordor Orcs

I finished a Mordor Orc and wanted to share the results. When I first finished it my biggest critic, my wife, told me it did not look right. She said it was to bright and clean. My wife is a big fan of Lord of the Rings so I took her observation too heart. So I gave the model a black wash to tone down the colors. I am happy with the results and it was an easy model to paint. It took me a total of 3 hours from start to finish.  So let me know what you think about this paint job.  

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lord of the Rings and Infinity

I was on vacation last week and had a blast. Durning my time off from work I had a opportunity to play a few new games, Lord of the Rings and Infinity. Both of these games are not new in the gaming community however I never took the time to learn how to play them. I was impressed by how both of these games played and will play them more in the future.

Now I wrote about Lord of the Rings previously and mentioned that I wanted to play in a local Grand Tournament. I have not played in any tournaments for any gaming system. Most of the tournaments are played on the weekend and I have to work on the weekends. I decided that I would commit to this tournament and face the challenge of building, painting and playing a new game.

I decided to play an Orc army from the Mordor supplement. I picked up a few models and have started working on my basing theme. I will have a sample model done in a week or two. Once I decide how I want to paint them I should be able to get moving on the army.

As for Infinity I did pick up the Combined Army force. What I like about this game is that it only required four models to make a 150 point army. The game has a lot of great mechanics that make it enjoyable to play. It was very fast paced and did not take very long to play a game. I do have some bad news to report about the game, the army that I picked up I will not be painting. I decided to let one of the guys at the shop paint my army. I want to focus my attention on my Lord of the Rings army.

I will keep you all posted on my progress and share more of my experiences along the way.