Friday, May 28, 2010

Aeronautica Imperialis

On Tuesday I turned 40. I am now that old guy at the game shop still playing with plastic toys. I still enjoy the games as much today and I did when I first started playing them. I have seen games come and go and the games that are still around have only gotten better. The quality of the models have improved and the resources seem to be endless. So I celebrated my birthday by buying some new toys. One of the guys at the game shop was putting together a Forgeworld order and I got my Ork AI army. Now my collection is one step closer to what I am calling my Master Army.

My Master Army will consist of BFG, AI, EPIC and 40K. My goal is to learn how to play all the games and convince others to do the same. Then we can play a series of games starting with BFG, then AI, then EPIC, then Combat Patrol and finish with 40K. I feel this would be a great way to spend a weekend playing games and what a great way to showcase my love for the Orks.

I did not get any painting done this week. I was busy with birthday stuff. I am going to spend June finishing off some projects that have been sitting on my bench.

Friday, May 21, 2010

More EPIC Stuff

Nothing to say today, just showing off some more tanks I just finished today.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More EPIC Orks

I finished some more models for my EPIC army. I am running into some issues priming my models right now. I live in Arizona and the temperature is starting to rise.  If your not familiar with what happens when priming your models in the heat let me be the first to tell you it is not good.  What happens is the primer drys before hitting the model and makes it fuzzy.  I had to strip the Deff Dreads because the primer was that bad.  So now I have a few options on what I am going to do until summer is over.  Firstly, I could just stop painting and just build models for the next few months.  Secondly, I could start using a brush on primer.  Lastly, I could build a small spray booth and prime inside my house.  I thinking I might do a combination of the first two.  The last option is out of the question.  My wife would kill me if she knew I was priming models in the house.  All I can say for sure is that my painting will be slowing down for the next few months.       

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EPIC Necrons

What's this? Necrons on my blog page! That's right I painted a Necron model and it was a good change a pace.  If you have been following my blog page, you might have noticed I have been playing a lot of EPIC lately.  One of the challenges playing a game that has a faint pulse in the gaming community is that you need to put more effort getting other players excited about the game.  One of the guys at the shop has shown a interest in playing EPIC and wants to play Necrons.  I told him that I ordered some models from Dark Realm that can be used as Necrons.  I also told him how to make Heavy Destroyers.  He was not sure if he could do the conversion so I told him I would do it for him.  It was simple. I took a Scarab and cut the front of it off.  Then I took one of the models, cut it off at the waist and glued it in place.  I then based it and was done.  I can also use the Scarabs to make Tomb Spyders and regular Destroyers.  I am hoping this model will get him excited about the game and maybe we can add another player in our EPIC community.  Tell me what you think.        

Saturday, May 8, 2010

EPIC Friday

Yesterday I got to play EPIC, two games. My friend Anthony wanted to test play his Sons of Sek army list. If your not familiar with this army they are an IG army that has crossed over to Chaos.  They are sometimes referred to as Traitor Guard.  We talked about doing a battle report so I took my camera to the shop and snapped a few pictures.  Unfortunately the pictures don't help tell the story of the battle because I only took them from one side of the table.  I should have moved the camera around and could have gotten better pictures.  So for today I am only going to share the pictures and no battle report.  Our next game I will get better pictures and take some notes as we play.  I will report one thing, Orks 1 Son of Seks 1.  We tied with our victories.        

Ork Set up with all the Stompies.  I run all my Orks in vehicles with Oddboy upgrades.
Son of Sek set up on the other side and I get depressed because his army is almost all painted.  I will get mine done soon.
A close up shot to show off some of Anthony's toys.
Turn one Anthony rushes across the table.  His army is better in close combat so we get right to fighting.
Hay this is the same picture as above, what is going on here.
Anthony puts his troops in buildings.  They don't have a good save so he takes advantage of the cover save from the building.
More fighting an lots of blast markers.  We continue to fight.
My war boss is taking a beating and things are not going so well for the Orks.
The table turns and the Orks start putting a beating on the Sons of Sek.
A close up picture of some walker things, not sure what they are called I just need to get rid of them fast.  Plans work good for this so they fly over and start dropping bombs, sorry no pictures.
My Stompies are all alone because the Sons of Sek ran away.  I guess they don't like to be shot at.
Just another picture of my Stompies.  Anthony just does not like these guys.

In the end of this game the Orks win however the story was not the same in game two.  The Sons of Sek list was good and very balanced. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

EPIC Painting

The Boyz and I have been busily painting buggies this week.  We finished late last night and have some pictures to show you.  The one thing we didn't want to have happen was to paint them all the same.  So if you notice in the pictures we painted different details different colors.  When doing assembly line painting it is real easy to get caught up in the repetition of painting.  With 28mm models you can paint everything with the same colors and have the great looking army.  With EPIC I don't feel you can do that.  EPIC is so small and lacks a lot of the details that you see on 28mm models.  I want my army to have personality and to stand out on the table.  I also wanted to ensure that they looked like they belonged together.  So what I did was picked a primary color for the unit, I went with RED.  Then I painted one buggy the way I wanted it.  This gave me my color pallet.  Then when I painted the other buggies I chose colors from my color pallet to paint the different details.  This is just something to think about when painting your models.  You want your unit to stand out on the table and not just one or two of your models.  Now my unit of buggies each have their own individual look and when placed together they look even better.