Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Present from Santa

Under the Christmas tree this year was a gift not only for me but for everyone that reads my blog.  I received a photo box so I can take better pictures.  It came from Think Geek and included the photo box, two lights with bulbs, tripod and carry case.  It is a really nice set up and was not too costly.  I will let you be the judge with some sample pictures I took.  What I like the most about this gift is the fact that when I am not using it I can pack it away in the carry case and store it away.   


RTGamer said...

I got the exact same thing. Haven't opened it yet but damn am I excited!

Da Green Skins said...

You are going to really like it. I should have my army done this week and can't wait to take pictures of it.

Inhir said...

Wow Looks really good mike I Cant wait to see your army. And while your orcs may be prettier than my elves(ironic no?) my bows are better :)