Sunday, November 21, 2010

My First Tournament

Today was my first tournament and I must say I had a lot of fun.  If you take a trip over to CursedTreasures to see some pictures and results. I had a Major Defeat, Minor Lose and a Draw. Not bad for my first tournament and I did walk away with the Best Sportsmen award. This was a practice event to get ready for the big event in February.  A few things I learned today are, first you need to remember the objectives and second keep track of the time restrictions.  So I am going to need some more practice and finish painting my army.  I should have my heroes finished by the end of this month then I have 19 archers to get painted.  With the holidays and will be busy.   


Tim Kulinski said...


I am glad you had a good time, that means I did something right. Whenever you want some practice man let me know, the SPL will be open anytime and I can put together a variety of lists.

Good job on the Best Sportsman!!