Thursday, November 18, 2010

LotR Practice Event

Sunday was a practice day for LotR and I got two games in.  The first game was a tie and the second was a major victory for my army.  I learned a lot from everyone that was there and had a really good time.  This Sunday there is going to be a tournament taking place at a local game shop.  I decided to share my list for this event.

Shagrat with shield 60 pts
Mordor Uruk-hai Captain with shield 55 pts
Orc Drummer 40 pts
Ringwraith 55 pts

Orc Warriors with spears X20 120 pts
Maroannon Orcs with shields X14 112 pts
Mordor Uruk-hia with shields X 7 63 pts
Orc Trackers X 19 95 pts

600 points

I am looking forward to this Sunday, it will be my first tournament.  I work on the weekends and tournaments take place on the weekends and that means I can't take part.  I really enjoy LotR so I am taking some days off and some sick days so I can play in these tournaments.  All this is leading up to the big Grand Tournament in February, 2011.