Saturday, May 8, 2010

EPIC Friday

Yesterday I got to play EPIC, two games. My friend Anthony wanted to test play his Sons of Sek army list. If your not familiar with this army they are an IG army that has crossed over to Chaos.  They are sometimes referred to as Traitor Guard.  We talked about doing a battle report so I took my camera to the shop and snapped a few pictures.  Unfortunately the pictures don't help tell the story of the battle because I only took them from one side of the table.  I should have moved the camera around and could have gotten better pictures.  So for today I am only going to share the pictures and no battle report.  Our next game I will get better pictures and take some notes as we play.  I will report one thing, Orks 1 Son of Seks 1.  We tied with our victories.        

Ork Set up with all the Stompies.  I run all my Orks in vehicles with Oddboy upgrades.
Son of Sek set up on the other side and I get depressed because his army is almost all painted.  I will get mine done soon.
A close up shot to show off some of Anthony's toys.
Turn one Anthony rushes across the table.  His army is better in close combat so we get right to fighting.
Hay this is the same picture as above, what is going on here.
Anthony puts his troops in buildings.  They don't have a good save so he takes advantage of the cover save from the building.
More fighting an lots of blast markers.  We continue to fight.
My war boss is taking a beating and things are not going so well for the Orks.
The table turns and the Orks start putting a beating on the Sons of Sek.
A close up picture of some walker things, not sure what they are called I just need to get rid of them fast.  Plans work good for this so they fly over and start dropping bombs, sorry no pictures.
My Stompies are all alone because the Sons of Sek ran away.  I guess they don't like to be shot at.
Just another picture of my Stompies.  Anthony just does not like these guys.

In the end of this game the Orks win however the story was not the same in game two.  The Sons of Sek list was good and very balanced. 


Inhir said...

first of all they are not traitor guard they are chaos guard(they were never imperials) and second I Will have vengence!!!!!

P.S. I hate mechboys and stompas.

Da Green Skins said...

So sorry to make that mistake. I was under the impression that IG fighting for Chaos would make them traitors. I will not make this mistake in the future and and will just call them Sons of Bit%&$^#@es.