Sunday, April 11, 2010

WHFB Rumors

I just spent 30 minutes reading comments about WHFB 8th edition rules coming out this summer on Bell Of Lost Souls. There were three rumors shared on the site about rule changes in the new edition. Now these are just rumors and I am not getting too excited at this point I just have some concerns about 1 of them.

The first rumor that I read about on a few different sites is about Close Combat. The rumor is that Close Combat will continue until one unit breaks or is destroyed. If this rumor is true it is going to change that game from start to finish, it will be a different game.  Players will have to build their armies differently and their tactics will have to be modified.  One of the tactics in WHFB is to use your core units as a speed bump to slow down your opponent till you can move in for the kill.  It is one of the basic tactics in the game and taking it out of the equation will create new challenges.  I wonder why this rule would be added into the game.  I know this is a rule in a lot of Historical games and it works well, I'm just not sure how it will work in WHFB.  I might just have to create a big block of Black Orcs with my Lord in it to just walk around the table killing stuff.  It is this thought process I don't want to see in the game.  Right now it is just a rumor and we will have to wait and see all the rule changes before making a decision on the game.

The second rumor was limiting your Lord/Hero choices to only 25% of your armies point total.  This will create some balance with the different armies.  It should also be added to the Rare and Special choices as well.  The problem I have with WHFB is the fact that I can spend half my points on just Lord/Hero choices.  I can also add all kinds of magic items to make them even better.  I would venture to guess that I will not see that many named characters on the table any more. 

The third rumor has to do with models being 10 wide to get a rank bonus.  I find this one to be a little far fetched and have nothing to say about the rumor.  I feel that this rumor is just being leaked to cause some excitement in the gaming community. 

This stuff is just rumors and nothing is set in concrete.  When I first read these rumors I was taken back and felt like I would give up on the game.  Now that I have time to think about these rumors and mesh them all together they seem to make sense.  We have a limit on how many points can be used for Lords/Hero's so this creates balance and limits HeroHammer.  We change the way Close Combat works so we all have to learn a new tactics to play the game.  Lastly, our models have to be 10 wide which means we have to buy more models and that keeps GW in business so we can continue to have a game to play.

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Asmo said...

Yeah, I'm not sure about these changes. I think this is the wrong scale for the continual close combat, and the 10-wide ranks just seems pointless.

Not too unhappy about the percentage-based points system, however. Would make the game quite different than it is now, probably for the better