Thursday, April 29, 2010

May Has Been Declared EPIC Month

Da Boss inspected his troops and erupted in anger yesterday.  He saw that everything look blaaah and not worthy of a true WAAAGH.  In his fit of anger he yelled out that his troops better be looking proper by the end on the month.  This give us 31 days to get our vehicles painted the proper colours and ready for battle.  We started last night and got one of the buggies painted up for his approval and he didn't rip my head off, he was pleased.  Our goal for the month of May is to paint one vehicle a night.  That will be the majority of our army.  If we don't reach this goal our green hides will be placed on the front line with a stick.    


Inhir said...

The first 2 ive seen are NOT orky though they are far to prety. Im excited for the planed campain this summer