Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weathering Black

The first quarter of 2010 is coming to a close.  In January I read a lot of blog postings about their New Year Resolutions and I myself made a few.  As the months pass I wonder how everyone is doing with their resolutions.  I have been doing my best to stay on track and I will not lie, it has been hard.  There are new armies I want to buy and new games that I want to play.  I will say it has been hard however staying focused on just a few projects has produced some great results.  I am getting my 40k Orks painted and I am very happy with my work to date.  The month of April brings me to a project that I am worried about starting.  If you have followed my blog you might remember my Humvee project.  Well it is time to paint it and I am scared that I might mess it up.  I put a lot of hours into this model and would hate to mess it up with a bad paint job.  My plan is to paint it black and add some Gun Bolt Metal chips and scrapes.  On the surface it sounds simple however I want to weather it.

Weathering black is not as simple as it might sound.  I read as many tutorials I could find on the subject with mixed results.  Using acrylic paints and inks did not work on a black surface.  So I moved to oil paints and achieved a better look.  The sample in the pictures are from a model tank I had on my desk that I was planning on converting one day.  What I did was primed it gray and then painted it black.  The black paint was watered down to provided an even paint job and a slight gray highlight.  Then the model was dry brushed with gun bolt metal.  Then I took the oil paint (Burnt Sienna) and put a few dabs on the model.  I dipped my paint brush in mineral spirits and moved the paint around.  I repeated this process a few times.  This created a wash on the model.  Once the paint dried I was able to dust off some of the paint.  I figure that the pigment pooled and dried out which allowed me to remove some of it.  Then I washed the model with brown, dull coated it and call it finished.  What this created random rust spot and the gun bolt metal shows through in certain areas.  I am kinda happy with the results however I am not sure on the combination of paints.  I am going to try this again using a water base oil paint.  This might work better with the acrylic paints I use.  If you have and suggestions or feedback let me know.



RonSaikowski said...

Definitely has a distinct look although it doesn't jump out as being "black" to me.
It does look very real though.

Inhir said...

What model is that from mike i dont remember it

Da Green Skins said...

Anthony is just an old Sherman tank I built a few years ago. Nothing to worry about you will not see it on the table any day soon.

Did the casting project work out or was the stuff I gave you not good?

Inhir said...

no good one part was usable but the other was completely solid i looked on the lid and it had an experiaton date of 07 so no biggy. i found some that i can get on line thats suposed to be good for 30 castings which is more then enough