Sunday, March 14, 2010

Game Bashing Revisited

I have come to the conclusion not to move forward with combining EPIC and Flames of War. The reason for this is simple. Thanks to some comments provided by few readers and friends I have decided to try a few new games.

Blitzkrieg Commander was suggested by a few readers so I purchased the rules. I just recently finished reading the rules and found them rather interesting. The rules are simple and it is not chart heavy, really there are only a few charts. I am going to test play the game in a few weeks to get a better understanding of the game. Like most games, reading the rules and playing the game are too different things. I want to thank everyone that provided me with their comments and suggested this game.

Mein Panzer is another game that was suggested to me by one of the guys at my local game shop. I just finished downloading the Core Rules and will start reading them. I was informed that this game can be played with basic rules to more advanced rules. I am looking forwarded to reading them over the next few weeks.

I will not be able to base my miniatures until I decided which game system I am going to use. Each game system has a different basing configuration and base size. I am sure I could base my miniatures for one gaming system and use them for either gaming system. I am not a fan of doing this. Rules are designed with basing in mind and I would prefer to base my miniatures correctly for the game system that I am using. I will be able to start painting my tanks once I get my other painting projects done. Since I am playing with 6mm miniatures it will not take long to get an army painted.

Have a great week, right now I have some models on my desk that need to get painted.