Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comments On My Posts

This morning when I viewed my blog page I noticed I had a new comment on my Loota post. I viewed the comment and found that it was written in a different language that I can not read. I clicked on the sender of the comment to view their blog page and as I expected, I could not read anything written by this individual. There were no pictures on this persons page, just text and links. I then went back to the comment on my blog and discovered that what was entered for a comment were just links. The links lead me to pron sites. Great, now I have people leaving me links to porn sites for comments. I quickly trashed the comment however it is not gone for good. It is still in the comment section as being removed. I am not sure what I should do now. I could set up a comment gate keeper so that I have to approve all comments prior to them being posted, I have noticed that some blogger do this or I could just continue to monitor my comments and trash them if they are just links to porn sites. I have concern about just trashing the comments. I don't want viewers to feel if they leave a comment that I am going to trash it. I want my blog page to be a place that viewers can feel free to leave a comment even if it is not positive so I can become a better gamer. I thought about reporting the individual however I am not sure if this violates any policy with Blogger. For right now I am going to leave my blog page set up the way it is. This is the first time this has happened to me and if it continues to happen then I will have to move forward with the comments being reviewed prior to being posted. I just find it upsetting that some scum bag had nothing better to do today then leave links to porn sites as a comment. I am sure I am not alone on this matter and would like to know how others have handled this if it has happened to you.

Da Boss


Ginge said...

I have experienced this several times. Having the anti spam word verification doesn't seem to stop it either. It seems to go away for a few weeks, then come back for a few weeks, then go away again.

When I joined FTW I went through all my old posts to check my language, and discovered a similar thing on some posts that were quite old - it might be worth checking your old posts too.

About the best solution I have (not wanting to stifle debateby making all comments come through for my approval) is to set my blog to notify me by email of ALL comments. I may not be on my blog all day but my email is open a good portion of it. That way if I get a message that a bunch of links have been posted, I can logon swiftly and delete the comment.

This may still leave the "comment deleted" problem, but given when I delete it asks if I want to permanently delete it I click "YES" and I don't see that any more. Perhaps the comment deleted means it's still on your system somewhere where you could reinstate it. Perhaps checking if the comment has been permanently deleted will solve your problem.

Either way, I'd certainly recommend a check through your old posts if this person has started targetting you now. Try to think charitably... it seems to be the same sites every time I've checked for content, I presume someone is getting paid some god awful low wage to surf the net and post links on random blogs to get traffic to these sites. How boring must their life be?!? :oP

Da Green Skins said...

Ginge thank you for the information. I will check my old post for comments like this. I was not given the option to permanently delete the comment. I am going to have to look at my settings to see if this is something I need to set up. Again, thank you for the information.

Da Green Skins said...

Ginge I went back to the deleted comment and figured out how to permanently delete it. I had to check a box that removes it forever. Now I will look at the e-mail suggestion you provided.

eriochrome said...

I had this about a month ago. About 20 comments spread out into posts going back a year. I had comment notification on so I get a email for every comment so they were easy to remove. I then put on comment moderation such that every comment has to be approved in the dash board. Sounds like a hassle but if you are only getting a few comments per post it is no big deal. They might try to post once more but once they see that there is no point and they leave the site alone for a while.

Col. Corbane said...

You guys get all the best spam, I get shoe sites!

grumhelden said...

"I just find it upsetting that some scum bag had nothing better to do today then leave links to porn sites as a comment."

Dont worry old bean, it was a mindless bot at work, not some poor slave labourer or lone crackpot.

As your blog gets older and bigger, this will happen more often :)

RonSaikowski said...

I get the email notifications when someone leaves a comment.
I read them all and delete the "bad" ones. I've also got the word verification... it doesn't stop it from happening but makes it a bit harder and maybe not worth their time to do it on your blog. They might go someplace else where it's easier to do.

Don't worry about having to throw out comments. I'd much rather know that the Author of a blog is taking the time to keep up with their site and remove the unwanted material than doing nothing at all.

Ginge said...

Speak of the devil... have had it happen on my blog today.

I was looking for a way to ban or block the poster, but the profile details were "member since Mar 2010" In the space of a few hours he went from 100 profile views to over 200. It's pointless blocking them, they're clearly created for the task and swiftly abandoned.

Da Green Skins said...

Ginge I did everything to block this from happening again to me. I have the e-mail alert and I have to then go to my dashboard to publish the comment. It is a bit of a pain in the back side however I want to make sure my blog page is user friendly and porn free.

I would also like to thank everyone for their feedback on this matter.

katney said...

Most, but not all, comment spammers use the anonymous option. The day I had 29 anonymous spam comments I decided that anonymous wasn't worth it for the one person who legitimately used that setting to comment. I changed the setting to Registered Users.

I still moderate comments, but I only get two or three spammers a month now.