Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weathering Black

The first quarter of 2010 is coming to a close.  In January I read a lot of blog postings about their New Year Resolutions and I myself made a few.  As the months pass I wonder how everyone is doing with their resolutions.  I have been doing my best to stay on track and I will not lie, it has been hard.  There are new armies I want to buy and new games that I want to play.  I will say it has been hard however staying focused on just a few projects has produced some great results.  I am getting my 40k Orks painted and I am very happy with my work to date.  The month of April brings me to a project that I am worried about starting.  If you have followed my blog you might remember my Humvee project.  Well it is time to paint it and I am scared that I might mess it up.  I put a lot of hours into this model and would hate to mess it up with a bad paint job.  My plan is to paint it black and add some Gun Bolt Metal chips and scrapes.  On the surface it sounds simple however I want to weather it.

Weathering black is not as simple as it might sound.  I read as many tutorials I could find on the subject with mixed results.  Using acrylic paints and inks did not work on a black surface.  So I moved to oil paints and achieved a better look.  The sample in the pictures are from a model tank I had on my desk that I was planning on converting one day.  What I did was primed it gray and then painted it black.  The black paint was watered down to provided an even paint job and a slight gray highlight.  Then the model was dry brushed with gun bolt metal.  Then I took the oil paint (Burnt Sienna) and put a few dabs on the model.  I dipped my paint brush in mineral spirits and moved the paint around.  I repeated this process a few times.  This created a wash on the model.  Once the paint dried I was able to dust off some of the paint.  I figure that the pigment pooled and dried out which allowed me to remove some of it.  Then I washed the model with brown, dull coated it and call it finished.  What this created random rust spot and the gun bolt metal shows through in certain areas.  I am kinda happy with the results however I am not sure on the combination of paints.  I am going to try this again using a water base oil paint.  This might work better with the acrylic paints I use.  If you have and suggestions or feedback let me know.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comments On My Posts

This morning when I viewed my blog page I noticed I had a new comment on my Loota post. I viewed the comment and found that it was written in a different language that I can not read. I clicked on the sender of the comment to view their blog page and as I expected, I could not read anything written by this individual. There were no pictures on this persons page, just text and links. I then went back to the comment on my blog and discovered that what was entered for a comment were just links. The links lead me to pron sites. Great, now I have people leaving me links to porn sites for comments. I quickly trashed the comment however it is not gone for good. It is still in the comment section as being removed. I am not sure what I should do now. I could set up a comment gate keeper so that I have to approve all comments prior to them being posted, I have noticed that some blogger do this or I could just continue to monitor my comments and trash them if they are just links to porn sites. I have concern about just trashing the comments. I don't want viewers to feel if they leave a comment that I am going to trash it. I want my blog page to be a place that viewers can feel free to leave a comment even if it is not positive so I can become a better gamer. I thought about reporting the individual however I am not sure if this violates any policy with Blogger. For right now I am going to leave my blog page set up the way it is. This is the first time this has happened to me and if it continues to happen then I will have to move forward with the comments being reviewed prior to being posted. I just find it upsetting that some scum bag had nothing better to do today then leave links to porn sites as a comment. I am sure I am not alone on this matter and would like to know how others have handled this if it has happened to you.

Da Boss

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lootas Are Done

I just finished my Lootas and this puts me ahead of schedule for this month. I have one more model to paint and I will have my 400 point Ork army done. Next to be painted is my Humvee however I will not start it till April. I want to get the building bug out of my system. I prefer to building models over painting them. I have an EPIC project I want to get done and will spend the rest of the month finishing it. Until then enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Game Bashing Revisited

I have come to the conclusion not to move forward with combining EPIC and Flames of War. The reason for this is simple. Thanks to some comments provided by few readers and friends I have decided to try a few new games.

Blitzkrieg Commander was suggested by a few readers so I purchased the rules. I just recently finished reading the rules and found them rather interesting. The rules are simple and it is not chart heavy, really there are only a few charts. I am going to test play the game in a few weeks to get a better understanding of the game. Like most games, reading the rules and playing the game are too different things. I want to thank everyone that provided me with their comments and suggested this game.

Mein Panzer is another game that was suggested to me by one of the guys at my local game shop. I just finished downloading the Core Rules and will start reading them. I was informed that this game can be played with basic rules to more advanced rules. I am looking forwarded to reading them over the next few weeks.

I will not be able to base my miniatures until I decided which game system I am going to use. Each game system has a different basing configuration and base size. I am sure I could base my miniatures for one gaming system and use them for either gaming system. I am not a fan of doing this. Rules are designed with basing in mind and I would prefer to base my miniatures correctly for the game system that I am using. I will be able to start painting my tanks once I get my other painting projects done. Since I am playing with 6mm miniatures it will not take long to get an army painted.

Have a great week, right now I have some models on my desk that need to get painted.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hobby Tip: March

We are 7 days into March and I have been making great progress on my Loota Boyz. I have two of them done and a third should be finished tonight. I will get pictures posted once all five done.

Since I have no models to show I am going to post another hobby tip. When I first started painting miniatures I was wasting a lot of time waiting for paint to dry. If I did not let the paint dry I would end up smudging the paint while holding it. One of the guys at the game shop suggested using nails. My problem was solved and it has really helped improve my painting. I then took this process one step further.

First: I found a small piece of scrap wood (2X4) and drilled a lot of holes in it. I did not drill the holes all the way through the 2X4, just about 3/4 the way through. I use this piece of wood for holding the models when priming and painting.

Second: I purchased some nails from the hardware store and took about 10 of them and glued a rare earth magnet to the flat end. This is helpful for me because I use magnetized bases or metal bases. So when I get ready to paint a model all I have to do is take the nail with the magnet and snap them together. The one thing you have to keep in mind when you do this is to make sure the magnets polarization is correct. If it is not, then just free the magnet from the the nail and turn it around. If the model I am working on does not have a magnetized base or is not made out of metal, then I just glue the flat part of the nail to the bottom of the model. I will use white glue for plastic models and super glue for metal ones.

Why has this helped me? It provides me something other then the model to hold onto while I paint it. I have complete control of it and can hold the model in any position I need to get the job done. Then once the models is painted I can keep it on the nail and turn right around and dip it, clear coat it and I am done. I keep my models on the nails from priming to completion.