Monday, February 1, 2010

Reveiwing My New Year Resolutions

As many of us already know, after the start of a New Year we quickly forget about our resolutions. We simply fall back into old habits and then regret not sticking to our plan. I for one am doing my best to keep my resolutions alive throughout the year. I spent a few minutes to review my 2010 resolutions I made and make some adjustments to my original plans.

1. Thinning out my collections of models. This is one of my resolutions that I am going to change. At first I really wanted to cut my collection down however I have changed my mind. I purchased my models for a reason, I either like the army or the models. So what I decided to not purchase new models unless they are for my current armies. So this mean no new games, which is hard for me, and no new armies. I must admit January has been a hard month because my local game shop has brought in some new game lines that I like.

2. I will be dumping all my RPG's. Still working on this one. I have asked around to see if anyone wants the games that I have with no takers. I might just have to take them down to the ebay store and leave them there.

3. Painting is going to be my main focus this year. Still my focus, I just finished painting 35 Ork models for EPIC. That gives me a total of 9 painted stands for my army. The month of February I will be painting another unit for my 40k army.

4. Finish works on a few of my projects that I have already started. So far so good on this resolution. I have finished my Humvee project and made some terrain. I still have two more partial projects to finish.

5. Play more games. Believe it or not I need to work on this one. I have not played a game of EPIC or 40K this year. I have played Magic the Gathering however that is not what I mean by playing more games. I am scheduled to play EPIC this Friday and I am looking forward to it.

Well that is how my 2010 resolutions are going. How have you been doing on your resolution for this New Year?


Robert said...

Have you started playing Malifaux?

Da Green Skins said...

I have seen it played and like the rules and models. I just don't want to get into another gaming system right now. This year is all about 40K and EPIC. Maybe next year.

Inhir said...

Sorry bout lettting you down with epic :( ive been smashed between works and school this fri is still looking good so let the green tide roll