Monday, February 8, 2010

Killa Kan

Starting Thursday I will be on vacation from work. I have plans to get a units of Boyz painted and my Killa Kan. I built this Killa Kan a few months ago and equipped it with a Grotzooka. Since the model did not come with one I had to scratch build it. I like the way it turned out and will keep everyone posted on my painting vacation.

On a side note, if you haven't seen the new Killa Kanz and Deff Dread you should visit the GW web site. The new models are all plastic and the Killa Kanz come in a box containing three. I am looking forward to their release this March.

And this next picture is for my friend Anthony, a picture of the EPIC Orks that I painted. I hope you like them and next time we play EPIC I will bring my Orks and not Smurfs.


Luis Bermer said...

Great work, man!

I´m ork too!!
Come and visit my blog to see some ideas ;D


Inhir said...

Yea just remember what you get for your trickery karma fights back