Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Game Bashing

You might have heard of something called Kit Bashing, if not let me share with you what this term means. It is when you take different model kits and make one model out of all the parts. It is a lot of fun to Kit Bash especially when you play Orks. I have seen many great Kit Bashing projects and have created a few myself.

Now let me share something new, I am going to call it Game Bashing. Same concept as Kit Bashing however I want to take a few games and create a new game.

Let me give you some basic background with my gaming history. I started playing table top war games years ago. My first table top war game was Flames Of War. I really liked the historical aspect of the game along with the models. Like most kids growing up I played with GI Joe toys and little green soldiers. So Flames Of War was the perfect fit for me. I stopped playing the game around second edition. There were a few things that pulled me away from the game however the main reason was the game died at my local friendly game shop. Now Flames Of War is making a come back with new models coming out and early war rules being released soon. So my interest in this game has sparked back up however I am not totally sold on the main rules and army stats.

About 6 months ago I started playing EPIC 40K. Now this is a fun game to play and has a great rule set to support it. When I play EPIC I feel that I am playing a real table top war game. I have lots of troops to command on the table and it requires more tactics rather then special charters with cool weapons. I know I can play regular 40K with more points however it is the rules that make EPIC so much better.

Trust me, if I could find a gaming system that already exists using 6mm models that is fun to play I would just play that particular game. I have not found a gaming system that I like so let me explain what I want to do. I want to take the army lists and point structure from Flames Of War to create your army. Then using the basic rules from EPIC to play the game using GHQ models, 6mm. I know that many of the rules will need to be modified and stats will need to be changed to make this work. So I am looking for some feedback from the gaming community with thoughts on this project. I want simple rules that are fast and fun to play with more balance in the armies. This would not be a historically accurate gaming system, we would just be pushing around WWII tanks instead of tanks from the future. So before I put a lot of time and energy into re-writing rules what do you think?


AoM said...

There are a lot of 6mm rules sets that may have some other ideas that would work for you, some of the 15mm will work too. I know of a few, but my brain is drawing a blank right now for names. Usually a search for "free 6mm sci-fi rules" or just "6mm sci-fi rules" will get you to a page or two with links to tons of rules.

I'm not saying you should use those instead of combining EPIC and FoW. I'm just offering a way to expand your pool of options when you're combining things.

We've all played games that we like, but certain parts just don't feel right. Most people either give up, or live with it. You might occasionally see a house rule or two, but the majority of the time, players just seem to live with the flaws.

I'm all for combining rules mechanics to make the game YOU want to play. I recently did that with Infinity. I loved the tactical possibilities, but the game would quickly become one-sided. I also really liked the way Malifaux ended up (having had my hands pretty deep into testing that one before it was released last year). I managed to take the tactical flexibility of Infinity and find a way to combine it with some activation mechanics reminiscent of Malifaux.

My goal was to have the tactical aspects of Infinity with the playability of Malifaux. My friend and I bashed it around until we got a fit that worked for us. It sounds like you want to do something similar by taking the playability and tactics of EPIC and combining them with the units and vehicle rules of Flames of War. From what I've heard about EPIC, that actually sounds awesome. FoW is a nice game, but it's still pretty similar to 40K at the core because Andy Chambers had a big part in the rules development there after he left GW. Everyone says EPIC represents large scale warfare really well without getting bogged down in details, or over-simplifying things. Combining the two games sounds like a great idea.

I'm looking forward to reading some more about this as it progresses.

grumhelden said...

Hi I think Blitzkreig Commander and Cold War Commander are what you are after.

They are based on warmaster, which is related very closely to epic.

They are not free, but they are very good :)

Rapid Fire may be a contender too.


Anonymous said...

I have agree about Blitzkrieg commander and cold war commander. Both are really fun rules to play and i total recommend them. It's got me and my friend back into modern cold war games. We play late 70's early 80's British v Russian, great fun. I recommend checking out the website and reading the reports.

Da Green Skins said...

Thank you for all your feedback. I have not played/ read Blitzkreig Commander or Cold War Commander. After spending some time on their web site I am interested. I am going to order Blitzkreig Commander to see if the rules will work for me. I am still going to continue working on this project, WW2 version of EPIC would be cool. I will keep my blog updated with my thoughts and progress.